The LiarStar takes down post

The LiarStar takes down post. He posted the story below earlier today (1/31/20) and then deleted it a few minutes later. Why? Was it because he got a call? By whom? I’m glad you asked. A source whispered to me that allegedly the deadbeat dad got a call from a person that sits on the YISD board of trustees (KL) and told him to remove it. I’ll post more as details are forthcoming, stay tuned. For now, please read the deleted post.

There is no indication if the LiarStar will publicly correct the record.

Deleted Post

An elected official named on a recent endorsement ad published by HD76 candidate Elisa Tamayo says that she never endorsed the former scheduler for outgoing Senator Jose Rodriguez.

YISD Board of Trustees President Connie Woodruff was unaware that her name was used in a social media endorsement ad by the Tamayo campaign.

Woodruff says she didn’t endorse Tamayo but did attend a fundraiser for Tamayo at the invitation of a constituent of hers that is a Tamayo supporter and connected to a member of the delegation.

Woodruff says that it was before Mayor Pro Tempore Claudia Ordaz Perez announced her candidacy for the HD76 seat.

“I didn’t consider my small ($25.00) donation an endorsement and didn’t expect her to use my name.” Said Woodruff.

There is no indication if the Tamayo campaign will publicly correct the record. There is also no indication if there are other elected officials that were similarly listed as endorsees without their knowledge.