Former El Pasoan Adrian Ocegueda Running For Senate

Former El Pasoan Adrian Ocegueda, who worked for Joe Wardy, is a candidate for the U.S. Democratic Primary. In 2018, Ocegueda was a candidate for Texas Governor.

In El Paso, Ocegueda is best remembered as Joe Wardy’s policy adviser. Prior to working for Wardy, Ocegueda worked at the city’s economic development office as an analyst. Ocegueda joined the Wardy campaign as Wardy’s personal assistant.

After Wardy won the mayoral election, he appointed Ocegueda as a senior policy adviser to the mayor. Ocegueda worked on the 2005 DoD Base Realignment and Closure helping to protect Ft. Bliss from closure.

Joe Wardy was the mayor of El Paso when El Paso transformed away from a “strong-mayor” municipality towards a city manager government. Wardy hired El Paso’s first city manager, controversial Joyce Wilson.

Adrian Ocegueda’s platform is campaign finance, under the Texas Reason banner.