Winners and Losers-D6 Race

Satire – I normally do a winners and losers post after an election.

 I didn’t’ want to do this one because it involves Claudia W’hordaz Perez and I don’t like to say anything that might get me in trouble with my beloved Vinny ooohhhh Vinny. I don’t care what people say, size doesn’t matter to me or Ms. D.C. for that matter.

Since this District 6 race was the only one going on, I decided to do a post.

We’ll start with some broad strokes.

By far the biggest loser in this election cycle is Claudia W’hordaz Perez. Her stable of a candidate Republican Debbie Bumblebee got her ass handed to her Saturday night.  You memmer all the shit I gave the Demo Chair Iliana Holqueen for letting two Republicans run in her backyard?  I was just being a hypocrite because Ms. D.C., Claudia W’horedaz Perez endorsed a Republican.  That’s right, she endorsed a Republican, a red hat, a MAGA,  but you know you will never hear me say anything about it because, well I’m so far in my beloved Vinny’s oooohhhhh my beloved Vinny that I will forever be known as Vinny’s female dog.

W’hordaz and my beloved Vinny and I got our asses handed to us. Seriously Maxwell Coffee should stick to whatever the hell it is he’s good at and leave politics alone because he got a serious WIN Saturday night. His only candidate spent half of what Republican Bumblebee spent.  The oligarchy funneled thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to Republican Bumblebee from the El Paso Billionaire sugar daddys.

W’hordaz took a major beating, she couldn’t even get poor Republican Debbie Bumblebee elected with her golden endorsement. I don’t understand.  What went wrong?  Maybe if W’hordaz hadn’t endorsed Republican Bumblebee, Republican Bumblebee would have won.   

This is where Claudia W’hordaz Perez and TGIF Campaigns (Thank God It’s Friday) should split the title for the biggest loser. Seriously there are a lot of people that fancy themselves as consultants. I think things really got crazy when Goshua Qarter lost and decided he wanted to start consulting.

TGIF Campaigns came out the gate with a wet-dream of a client in Republican Bumblebee. Republican Bumblebee is well-liked by the oligarchy, El Paso’s own sugar daddies. Better yet, they are the Dandies of El Paso.  She would have done everything they wanted, she was bought and paid for and then some just like Ms. D.C., don’t believe me, buy the book.  You can get it on Amazon I’ll even give you the link  Republican Bumblebee had a boatload of cash.  I think. She did, right?  Ay ay, so she didn’t report all her spending on her report but that’s ok because she was being advised by Claudia W’hordaz Perez, Ms. Ethics, Ms. D.C herself.  That bugger Ross Noore who filed 24 ethics complaints against W’hordaz shed light on Republican Bumblebee’s attempt to do the same.

In short, Republican Bumblebee had a disadvantage that most Candidates would not like to have, an endorsement from a has been, disgraced, Trump loving, do nothing Representative; Claudia W’hordaz Perez. 

Winner – Maxwell Coffee

Winner – My beloved Vinny because like Sonny and Cher “I Got You, babe”

I just had to rip the band-aid off this mo’fo