Typical El Paso Courts Protecting Criminals: the Case of Billy Abraham

The El Paso, Inc. (paywall) reported this weekend that Billy Abraham was sentenced to 10 years of probation. In May 2017, Abraham was charged with 10 felony counts. The felonies were in relation to Abraham misleading the courts on several issues about the historical properties he recently lost to bankruptcy.

In one instance, Abraham was charged with lying to the judge about repairing an elevator in one of his buildings. The judge called the elevator repairman who was told by Abraham not to take the judge’s call.

almost everything of substance stated by Abraham has proven to be a lie.

Judge Hunter Burkhalter

In the elevator issue, Abraham was accused of submitting a forged document to Judge Burkhalter attesting that the elevator was being repaired.

The court was later presented text messages showing Abraham demanding that the elevator repairman not take the judge’s call or answer any questions. Even Abraham’s mother was shown in text messages offering the repairman money not to answer questions about the elevators.

Clearly it was an attempt to obstruct justice.

Along with the 10 year probation, Billy Abraham was also fined $5,000.

But this is not a case of a one-time crime. Or, a first-time offender. This is case of a criminal acting with impunity.

In 2010, Billy Abraham killed a homeless person on the streets of El Paso. Abraham was convicted of driving while intoxicated in July 2013. He was acquitted on manslaughter charges. He was sentenced to 2 years in jail and was released after serving 18 months.

Billy Abraham was a fixture at the Tap bar, a bar in one of the buildings he lost to bankruptcy. Early last year, Billy Abraham was banned from the establishment for bothering an employee at the location.

There is clear record of criminality, from taking the life of a human being to lying to the court and yet Billy Abraham served only 18 months of jail.

This is typical El Paso corruption. Abaham’s own mother is shown in court offering a bribe. Abraham pleaded guilty to misleading the court. Abraham kills a person because he is intoxicated, another crime.

Most El Pasoans would spend decades in jail for lesser crimes. But, in El Paso if you know the right people, you get away with murder.