Reports are Laura Strathman uses county employees to campaign during work hours

Yesterday and on other days it has been reported to me that Strathman’s employees, specifically her bailiff, Bobby Holguin, and coordinator, Justin Marcell are pushing her campaign material at Liberty Hall, the building behind the courthouse where jurors report. They are doing it during county business hours, after 8:00 a.m. and before 5:00 p.m. It has also been reported to me that her staff has been scarce in the mornings in her court, unanswered phones, etc.

When someone uses my tax dollars to pad their campaign efforts, I call it stealing. When someone uses my tax dollars which are meant to pay court staff to get the business of the public done, i.e. answering phones, setting hearings, providing court room security, the law requires that that is where my money goes. We don’t pay taxes so Laura Strathman can use county employees, during county time, to fob her push card and a bottle of water on jurors. An open records request has been sent regarding these employees and time off requests and approvals. The only way the county employees’ campaign time during work hours can be legal is if they requested vacation time or time off without pay and were granted it. Right? Let’s see what the records turn up. But in any event, they’re doing her business, not yours.

Last week she/campaign worker parked a big white pickup truck in front of the downtown police station with a huge campaign sign in the bed. Never mind that “the truck” got a ticket. Small price to pay for all day publicity. And never mind those spaces are scarce and are for citizens needing to go to the health center, court house or police station. The offending “truck” was captured by photo and placed on facebook. Imagine how considerate she is in the court room with a gavel.

When you see her and her staff tomorrow working jury duty hall, stop and take a picture and note the time.