Ordaz-Perez's Problem Connecting with El Paso Voters.

Satire – Claudia W’hordaz Perez  as she was known in DC. Her and her husband’s campaign are a lot like most people’s Facebook profile pictures – its them, but kind of not really.

W’hordaz does a lot of window dressing  to make herself and her husband look like los “hijos del pueblo”, or maybe they genuinely believe they are. I wouldn’t blame them if they did, since they are in a world where everyone around them speaks Spanish yet neither one of them can speak a complete sentence in the Spanish language. Plus, the oligarchy composed of Baul, Doody, Red, et all are talking her up and going all-in to make sure she wins.

Seriously, wait for election results when both get their behind kicked all the way to kingdom come. By now reality is setting in that both losers are going to lose their campaign. Hasta la vista babies…

W’hordaz usually starts all her speeches by saying 1) she’s hand-picked by the rich and famous from our community- and 2) she’s really white.


Truth is they were both born here – left – and  came back after they both stabbed their previous boss in the back. Why I hear that there is a missing laptop that traveled with one of these two.

Seriously, no matter what the oligarchy tries to tell you, W’hordaz and spouse has almost no footprint in El Paso. Wait their imprint has been in the form of political mailers sent by taxpayer’s dollars. But almost nothing from their districts.

Contrary to W’hordaz’s attempt at a glamor-shots campaign, she has not been able to cover the airplane landing on her forehead. No matter how much she tries, sigue igual como la India Maria.

The truth is, W’hordaz is a child of wealth and privilege that has found her career as a puppet in return for the oligarchy’s funding.

So, I’m kind of sick of the oligarchy acting like W’hordaz and her spouse understand this community. Y’all think they are all-in for them because they are so awesome? Or do you think there is likely another reason? Why are they so personally invested in her candidacy?

I mean, have you seen her finance report? Her biggest contributors ARE the oligarchy et al. Look at her report and ask yourself why did she hire Mark Myth, a lobbyist???

Seriously, have you heard her try to speak authoritatively on issues? Her claim to fame is bringing changing tables to restrooms in city buildings. Really??? Es un  total desmadre.

Just tell the truth, you think you’ll work better with her because she used to work for you guys. It’s easier to influence someone to do what you want them to when they’re bought and paid for by you.

We get it.