Why Sylvia Garcia And Not Veronica Escobar?

When Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment managers to present the argument at the Senate that Donald J. Trump should be impeached, I noticed something curios. Veronica Escobar wasn’t on the list.

But, there are hundreds of representatives so it makes sense that Escobar was not picked, some of you may be thinking.

Nancy Pelosi made it a point to single out both Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar after both won their respective races for the House. Both are Democrats and the Democrats are celebrating their wins in Texas, a Republican stronghold.

Both Escobar and Garcia have similar backgrounds. Both are Latinas and both have social work in their backgrounds. The difference though, is that Sylvia Garcia holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Veronica Escobar was one of the first to announce and support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Garcia, on the other hand, ultimately voted for Pelosi but was not very public about her support of her. While, Escobar publicly campaigned for Pelosi, Garcia focused on her priorities for Houston. Although both are from Texas – Escobar and Garcia – I found it interesting that it was Garcia and not Escobar who was picked.

Because of the controversy regarding the under representation of minorities within the Democrats it is likely that a Latina needed to be appointed for political optics. Pelosi understands how to play the political game and thus it is likely she played the Hispanic card in her appointment.

So why, Garcia over Escobar?

Remember, Garcia is the second Texan representing the House in the impeachment proceedings. So, it is not about Texas. It is about women and Latinos. The argument could easily be made that Garcia is more qualified to present the case before the Senate then Escobar because of Garcia’s jurisprudence background.

But, in politics, optics is everything.

There are enough qualified legal minds on the impeachment manager’s list.

I believe the fact that although Veronica Escobar advocates for the immigrant plight and the closing of immigrant camps, her husband routinely signs orders deporting immigrants as an immigration judge appointed by the Trump administration.

The fact is that Fox News and other Trump surrogates will be looking to distract the impeachment trial by attacking the managers.

Knowing this, now imagine the optics of a border Latina making the case for impeaching Donald Trump while her husband deports immigrants for Trump.

Whether they admit it or not, the impeachment of Donald J. Trump is a political career maker and the managers will milk it for all they can.

Veronica Escobar, on the other hand, was left out by Pelosi.

Why? Because a Latina married to someone working for Donald Trump deporting & caging immigrants does not make for good political optics.