Marlene Gonzalez v. Laura Strathman for the 388th District Court

Family Law attorney Marlene Gonzalez is running against incumbent Laura Strathman for the 388th Judicial District Court. This is a family law court. The judge of this court has the power to strip or award custody, divide property and debt, and incarcerate litigants. I strongly support Marlene Gonzalez. She is an ethical and conscientious and moral person in all areas of her life. Laura Strathman’s handiwork should be exposed. What follows is a list of just a few of the things that Strathman has done with her power:

She allows a man she married, and was business partners with, lawyer Patrick Bramblett, to practice in her court. They secured an annulment based on the grounds of fraud. What fraud and whose fraud we do not know. She refuses to recuse herself on cases where Bramblett appears. One litigant has appealed her refusal to recuse herself with the 8th Court of Appeals. It is pending. Patrick Bramblett does so well in Strathman’s court that he is regularly hired to specifically represent people in that court.

She forced a woman to trial whose lawyer had withdrawn the week before, unbeknownst to her. When the woman asked for a continuance, Strathman denied it and then assigned custody to the father of the two children who had always lived with the mother. This ultimately was partially fixed but only after the mother hired another lawyer and spent thousands in legal fees.

Strathman forced another woman to trial without a lawyer. This woman was from the Czech Republic, had no family here and no money for representation. When a lawyer went in the day of trial offering to represent her for free but needed a continuance, Strathman said no, held the jury trial and gave the father custody. Patrick Bramblett was involved in that case.

Strathman awarded full custody to a father when the mother had been a stay at home mom for 17 years. Again Patrick Bramblett was involved, representing the father. To add insult to injury, Strathman awarded property that never existed to same mother, i.e. an expensive car, misnamed a million dollar retirement account, prejudicing same mother in trying to collect her portion and most recently has refused to move the case out of her court even though the mother has not lived in El Paso County for over two years and father and children have not lived in the state for over two years. It took thousands of dollars to correct the decree on the property issues.

The list goes on. I receive communications every day from litigants with similar stories. Buyer beware. Safeguard your families and the integrity of the law. Vote for Marlene Gonzalez in the democratic primary for the 388th.