Help me welcome the El Paso News Moderator Board

Our mission is to build an open news outlet where citizen journalists share the news without having to wait for approvals from the powers-that-be. To help in that endeavor we have created a simple set of rules to keep abuse off our open platform.

The rules are simple; focus on your content, do not sell your stuff and keep the content at the PG-13 level. See the Rules Page for the official rules.

To be transparent on how we enforce the rules and to keep our biases in check we have created a board of moderators that will rule on posts and comments that are brought to our attention. Two or more of the three moderators must agree on what steps to take on a post or comment before action is taken.

Help me welcome the three members of the El Paso News Moderators Board. They are:

  1. Theresa Caballero,
  2. Laura Roberts, and
  3. James Peinado

I am very appreciative of their commitment to making the El Paso News a success. I believe that their diverse backgrounds and commitment to an open and transparent site where all topics and point of views are welcome will make this the place to place to be for news and information.

Thank you!