El Paso DA Race

The District Attorney Race has been by far rather interesting. We have three Candidates all equally qualified individuals.

Let’s start with James Montoya, current Assistant DA under Esparza who was invited to State Senator Rodriguez office along with El Paso Domestic Relations, Family Court Judges El Paso Police and Sheriff’s Dept, specifically to address the lack or zero enforcement of Texas Family Code 25.03/Interference with Child Custody.

Interference with Child Custody is when one or the other divorced parents deliberately withhold visitation from the other parent during thier specific time of visitation and in the State of Texas as the Code states, it is Felony.

These felonies occur at quite frequently in El Paso, Statewide, and Nationally with only a handful of States that actually prosecute the offenders.

Here locally there’s a movement of parents who attempted to address the issue thru State Representative Rodriguez office who co-authored a equal parenting bill. One would think that 25.03 would be enforcement would be at the forefront in El Paso especially since the co-author of the bill resides here.

Nope!!! It isn’t, 25.03 is one of the most abused, not enforced State Laws period. At stake is the very basic withholding of the parents time with thier children. Children who just want “harmony” in thier lives.

Here in El Paso over a 5yr span there’s a document listing over 164 pages of 25.03 Felony violations with zero enforcement. As word out of the District Attorney Office here is strictly to refer to it as a “civil matter” and thus begins the infamous Court Appearances on the 9th floor El Paso County Court House.

Understand the agencies involved specifically with 25.03. DA’s Office, Domestic Relations Office, Family Court Judges, El Paso Sheriff/El Paso Police Dept. all these agencies specifically have budgeted for training in this matter annually.

Out of 254 counties in Texas only one adequately enforces 25.03. In this county after the third violation they party is served with the violation by a LEO and court date set up and the usual proceedings.

Personally I’ve had my fair share of not having my children. In fact over 180 violations of 25.03 documented in the court order and police reports, which are not admissible in Family Court for whatever reason. It came to a point last year that the other party filed for conservator and was granted without my knowledge in Judge Leverton courtroom.

This has been over a course of 14yrs, 14yrs of going to court, going broke finding representation and educating myself, becoming a mini paralegal over the years and representing myself Pro-Se. How many males/females in this situation choose to just “walk” from this, as it is exhausting emotionally, mentally, and financially???

Montoya refuses to discuss this matter openly and would rather discuss privately as I’ve mentioned the issue several times over in his social media pages.

Ms Dykes, while I’m always open for change or different perspectives, especially when our children are at stake. She states “its a very serious matter”, but Mr. Nevarez I see you’re supporting at different candidate. So you see if you don’t butter someones “bread” you are outed.

Yvonne Rosales, who I have watched from the last time she ran against Esparza and really “took it to him” at every opportunity debates etc. She has demonstrated the background/backbone required to enforce 25.03 and finally/hopefully bring these violators to justice.

Justice for our children’s sake. Children who just want the benefit of both parents engaged in their activities.

It is a very sad day when the children are viewed not as “humans” but as “property” within the Family Court system and District Attorney’s Office.