Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

We are on a mission to create a place where regular people – the people that make the news also write the news. A place where all voices are heard. Along the way, we want make it fun as well.

To do so, we are planning to hold contests where contributors can win prizes at the same time they are informing the community. We have planned many contests for authors, readers and for those that just like to comment.

Today’s contest is a $10 Amazon Gift Card sent via email to the first person who writes and publishes a blog post about any topic of interest to El Paso readers.

The rules are simple. The first post that is no shorter than 200 words that is posted after this post wins. The post must be relevant to El Paso. It must be new, as in, it has never been posted or published anywhere else. And, it goes without saying, it must be coherent.

Not an author yet? No problem, just email us your email address to authors[@] (Remove the brackets.) Remember, on El Paso News, you don’t have to worry about being approved, all are automatically approved and as an author you have access to post anytime you like. You also get access to the analytics dashboard to see how your posts are doing against the others.

Get set, ready go!