Claudia Ordaz and Her Ethics

Last night, KTSM (link) reported that another ethics complaint had been filed against Claudia Ordaz-Perez. The latest complaint is a redo of the complaint arguing that she misused about $6,000 of her discretionary monies to help her and her husband’s campaigns.

Claudia Ordaz argues that the complaint is politically motivated as it is the third complaint filed by the same individual. Ordaz says that she used the money to provide information to her constituents and those of her husband, Vince Perez, to celebrate stopping a medical waste facility from going into the neighborhoods.

The problem for Ordaz-Perez is that she has a long history of ethical problems.

Stolen Laptop?

Former Congressman, Silvestre Reyes strongly believes that Claudia Ordaz stole a laptop from his campaign and gave it to Beto O’Rourke during the campaign in which Beto O’Rourke unseated Reyes. Ordaz was working for Reyes at the time. You can read the details about this incident by clicking here.

Whataburger Incident

There was also an incident at an El Paso Whataburger where Claudia Ordaz, her husband, Vince Perez and a third person were detained by police at a Whataburger following an altercation. Although the police report states that Vince Perez “smelled of alcohol” and that the Perez couple were uncooperative, the police officers released them after a supervisor was called to the scene. The details about this case can be found at this link.

Text Messages At City Council Meeting

During a city council meeting, Claudia Ordaz received step-by-step directions from Jose Landeros, a County staffer for Vince Perez, telling her what arguments to make and how to respond to the debate on an issue pending before the City Council meeting. Use this link to read the details about this incident.

Ordaz Manipulated City Council To Help Husband

Claudia Ordaz also attempted to manipulate the City Council in an attempt to have her husband placed on the MPO. The MPO controls a large pool of taxpayer monies. Placing her husband on the MPO would have allegedly allowed the Perez’ to control that public money. You can read about this incident with this link.

Several Ethics Complaints

The recent ethics complaints filed against Claudia Ordaz are not the only ones. Community activist Barbara Carrasco filed two ethics complaints against Claudia Ordaz for abuse of office regarding the text messaging during a city council meeting. One of the complaint’s alleged that Ordaz-Perez may have committed a crime by revealing confidential city council executive session material to Veronica Escobar. Another complaint was filed Salvador Gomez who alleged that Ordaz was not eligible to take her seat at the city council because she did not meet the residency requirements. You can read about Gomez’ complaint here. The complaints were dismissed by the City Attorney without action.

Corporate Donation

In at least one occasion, I documented that Claudia Ordaz accepted a corporate donation for her campaign in violation of Texas state law, a criminal offense. You read about that here.

Plagued By Controversy

Claudia Ordaz clearly has a long history of controversy surrounding her throughout her career in public office.