Water Utility Price Hike

As a long time El Paso taxpayer I am sick of the high taxes. We all gripe about them but few of us do anything about it. We simply do not vote. The City knows this and continues to increase our taxes. The taxes are not enough for the City so they tax us through the back door.

Have you noticed that the water company is looking to increase water fees?

The amount we pay for water is another tax the City imposes on us. It is not that we live in the desert. It is that the City needs our money and they take it any way they can.

Consider this, the water utility is a City owned service. The fees we pay to the water utility goes to bring us water and pay for them to deliver the water to us. That is what they want us to focus on.

But the city gets its piece as well. Although the water utility is a City-owned service it pays franchise taxes, just like the electric company and the cable companies. The franchise tax goes to the City.

When El Pasoan’s pay their water bill, they pay for the water and then they pay the city for the privilege of using water.

We pay for water twice!

Once to the water utility and another payment to the City. I do not know about other taxpayers’ but didn’t we fight a revolutionary war because of double taxation?

I wish my fellow El Pasoans would stop being sheep and demand a stop to the double taxation.