I am the first one to admit that I have a bias against Donald Trump. Ok, so maybe a very deep bias. As such, there is an inherent distortion in my worldview when it comes to Trump. That said, I can’t for the life of me get over the Twilight Zone of a world where world leaders attack children, outright lies are commonplace and tribal politics dictates the future of the country.

Yesterday, Donald Trump attacked Greta Thunberg because he disagrees with her.

Forget that Thunberg suffers from a disability. It is bad enough that Trump would attack a disabled person just because he disagrees with her message. It is not the first time Trump mocks a disability. But Greta Thunberg is a child! She is 16 years old.

What kind of human being attacks a child?

Donald Trump is the kind of person to attack a child. It is the very definition of what Donald Trump is.

It doesn’t surprise me, but apparently many don’t care that Donald Trump attacks a child simply because he disagrees with her message. Never mind that Trump should know better. Never mind that Trump should be focused on solving the many problems around him, many of which directly affect those that support him.

Never mind any of that because, well because Donald Trump is the lowest kind of individual that many of us teach our children never to be.

Trump’s attack was the culmination of listening to the impeachment talks. Obviously, I am for impeachment. But the political decisions that the Democrats are making aren’t for solving what they argue is a Trump crisis. The Democrats painted themselves into a corner with the impeachment and now they must deliver articles of impeachment.

They are doing so not to resolve the problem of Trump but to deliver the articles in the most expeditious politically correct way possible. The impeachment process has been hijacked by the political consideration of the Democrat moderates worried about their next elections and veteran Democrats trying to keep the party in control.

In trying to put party politics as part of the process, they have muddied the impeachment waters completely.

Impeachment is done deal. Everyone and their mother knows that. But party politics muddied the waters so bad that Donald Trump and his cohorts now have the wiggle room to proclaim a victory.

Yes, Donald Trump will forever carry the stigma of impeachment, but he will remain in office. What’s worse is that he and cohorts will spin it look like Trump was victorious.

Trump will be able to do so because the Republicans, also playing party politics don’t care about how the Russians are playing the country because to them it is about protecting Trump, at all costs.

The Republicans threw out their political values about keeping the country safe from Russia and other adversaries just to keep Trump protected.

Ronald Reagan is likely spinning in his grave today.

And all of it is made possible because lies are just another alternative in today’s U.S. politics. Donald Trump is a serial liar. The Republicans and Trump’s supports just don’t care.

I see it, I hear it and I still can’t believe this reality I’m living under. It’s like the Twilight Zone took over the country.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Hmm…so she’s a child, huh? Then she lacks intelligence and her comments should be discounted even though she’s using her celebrity to appear on magazine covers that took 50 million trees to print? She’s obviously a tool of the climate crazies so nope, she’s fair game!

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