Over the last few weeks, I have received several phone calls and emails asking me to find out if Eddie Holguin is going to run for the Texas seat being vacated by César Blanco. Blanco left open his seat because he is running for the seat vacated by José Rodriguez. (Note the seat changing shenanigans) Even though I’ve stated several times that El Paso politics remains as corrupt as ever and that my focus is now on border politics – of which El Paso plays a big part – many have assumed I knew the answer.

I suspect that much of the requests for information about Holguin has come from the rumor-mongering being generated by El Paso bloggers focused on creating political illusions for their masters. After, César Blanco announced his seat is open – two women; Claudia Ordaz Perez and Elisa Tamayo announced their candidacy for the seat.

It is no secret that Ordaz Perez has coveted higher office. Which brings us to an interesting tidbit about the politics of El Paso. When city representative Cassandra Hernandez inadvertently resigned her city council seat due to a Facebook post, the City was forced to hold a special election to fill Hernandez’ seat. As the current city representative for District 6, Claudia Ordaz voted for the special election.

As most readers know, a special election is costly to the city taxpayers.

Claudia Ordaz Perez voted in favor of holding a special election for Hernandez’ seat on September 3. Ordaz Perez also voted to prevent Cassandra Hernandez from voting on the vote to hold the special election to fill her seat.

Texas requires an automatic resignation by an office holder who announces an intention to run for another office.

Here’s the thing about political shenanigans.

One of Ordaz Perez’ platforms that she made during her announcement to run for the Blanco seat is to advocate for cities and counties to have the right to levy more taxes. She told the El Paso Times that she wants to advocate “for cities and counties impacted by legislation that has limited local governments’ abilities to tax.” (EPT, October 23, 2019)

Now that she has announced, the city needs to hold another costly special election to fill her vacated seat. El Paso taxpayers will fund her political ambitions by paying for that special election, soon after she voted to hold another costly special election to fill Cassandra Hernandez’ seat.

This brings us back to Eddie Holguin.

It is no secret that Eddie Holguin wants to run for a state-wide seat.

It is also no secret that there is animosity between Eddie Holguin and Claudia Ordaz Perez and her husband, Vince Perez.

As such, the question that the various political operatives want to know is whether Eddie Holguin will throw his hat into the race, thus likely upsetting Claudia Ordaz Perez’ quest for that seat. Holguin’s popularity in Perez’ backyard makes it more difficult for Claudia Ordaz Perez to win.

Thus, the political operatives masquerading as bloggers are trying to figure out Holguin’s plans.

One of the bloggers (the criminal one) has been actively publishing selective opposition research on Holguin, apparently in preparation for Holguin to upset Claudia Ordaz’ campaign.

The dirty politics practiced by Ordaz Perez’ dirty trickster demonstrates that the valley Perez duo are worried that Eddie Holguin would upset their quest for their political dynasty.

Thus, some of the people asking if Eddie Holguin was running for office were likely coming from the Perez’s camp. Most other political observers already know the answer.

But to put an end to the calls and the political shenanigans from the bloggers I simply picked up the telephone and called Eddie Holguin.

The answer is no, Eddie Holguin is not running for the Texas House of Representatives.

Holguin told me so on a telephone conversation on Monday, October 28.

He told me that his focus right now is helping with his wife’s campaign.

The answer that many were asking was answered with a simple telephone call. Eddie Holguin would probably give the same answer to anyone else who bothered to call. As a matter of fact, Holguin told me that he told one reporter that he was not running.

But the simple answer that Eddie Holguin is not running does not serve the political ambitions of the Claudia-Vince Perez duo and thus they have encouraged their criminal dirty trickster to ply his version of dirty politics in El Paso.

There is the answer many have been asking and the political bloggers have been contemplating. No.

In answering this simple question, it remains clear that the dirty and corrupt politics that plays out in El Paso remains the same. It is the same dirtiness that defined the El Paso political scene when I started blogging in 2000.

If you want to know more about the dirty and criminal dirty trickster masquerading as a blogger, use this link to read the Jaime Abeytia archives.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...