Since the moment Donald Trump decided to label Mexicans, like myself, as rapists I have been on a mission to prove how damaging Donald Trump is to the U.S. voters, especially the ones that voted for him. Each day I think this is it, people will finally understand what I understood when he derided immigrants to score some political points.

Each day I thought, this is the worst it can get.

Each day I am disappointed as the worst just gets worse.

Consider the letter that Donald Trump sent to Erdogen, the president of Turkey on October 9.

Almost everyone commented that they thought the letter was a “joke” or “fake”. No one wanted to believe that the leader of the United States would send such a letter.

Let that sink in, no one thought the letter was real.

But it is. It is a real letter that Donald Trump apparently happily affixed his grotesque signature on.

Set aside for a brief moment, just a brief moment the third-grade level writing and think about the message of the letter.

Donald Trump wanted to “work out a deal” with Erdogen as if let’s make a deal is something that “makes America great again”!

Think about that.

America was great before Donald Trump because the world took America seriously. When the United States took a stand, most everyone understood, whether they liked it or not, that America would deliver on its promises/threats. America did not play let’s make a deal game, instead America told everyone that to remain in America’s graces, i.e. allowing commerce into the largest economy in the world, other countries needed to play nice.

Some of you are thinking, but, but that’s what Trump’s letter is saying, play ball or Trump would be “destroying the Turkish economy.”

Therein lies the rub, yes, America uses its economic might to bully other countries, but it did so in a fashion that allowed the other leaders to pretend all is well.

But not Donald Trump, Trump wanted Erdogen to play a game of let’s make a deal to stop him from “slaughtering thousands”. Except that Erdogen just laughed at Trump.

Some readers – the Trump die-hards – will argue but he got the cease fire!

Really? A cease fire that didn’t even last five minutes?

More importantly, why was it necessary to rush Vice-president Mike Pence and other officials to Turkey to negotiate a cease fire? Because Donald Trump caused the invasion by Turkey by not listening to people who know and understand the geopolitics of the world, many of them Republicans who normally support Trump. Think Lindsey Graham.

But, unfortunately, the letter makes everything much, much worse.

Anyone that does not see the problem in the childishness of the letter is the reason that the United States is no longer taken seriously be people like Erdogen and the leaders of Iran and North Korea.

But it gets even worse. Now there are ISIS terrorists running about in a war-torn country picking up weapons, know-how and making other terrorist connections.

Who do you think their first target is?

Is this what the Donald Trump voters wanted when Trump promised to make America great again?

Looks like they were conned by the conman himself.

Unfortunately, it is the country that will suffer the consequences of the Donald Trump.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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