If you a long-time reader of my blog then you probably remember Jane Shang, the former El Paso deputy city manager fired by Joyce Wilson. Shang is now the city manager for Deltona, Florida. Shang and her former boss, Joyce Wilson, were looking to fill the Deltona city manager position after the controversy in El Paso that resulted in Shang’s firing and Wilson’s eventual departure as the city’s city manager.

Jane Shang is best remembered in El Paso for publicly calling out Joyce Wilson before city council for lying about the ballpark. Wilson fired Shang immediately after the public meeting. Shang remained on the city’s payroll for six months drawing a taxpayer paycheck without having to report to work.

In 2015 Jane Shang was hired by Deltona as the new city manager after the previous city manager was fired by the city. By the following year, several Deltona activists started demanding that Shang be fired. One of the biggest controversies was Shang implementing a garbage program forcing residents to pay for trash cans. The new tax disguised as a city fee caused city residents to look for Shang’s removal as the city manager.

Jane Shang was accused of voter fraud. In June, Jane Shang admitted to providing false voter identification information. She accepted deferred adjudication for illegally using her city hall address as her legal residence for voter registration purposes. In return for deferred adjudication, Shang was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service. Shang argued that she used the city hall address to keep her home address off the public record. In addition to the community service, Shang was also ordered to pay $5,000 in reimbursements for the expense of prosecuting her.

Shang has completed almost half of her community service hours digitizing public records for the small Florida community of Lake Helen. While scanning the paper records on a recent Saturday, Lake Helen Mayor Daisy Raisler found Shang in the city hall building. Raisler told the city commission that she found it inappropriate that Shang was left along at the city hall building as she is not an employee of Lake Helen.

In addition to scanning the records, Shang has also cleaned out closets at the city hall.

On June 17, the Deltona city commission voted to fire Jane Shang “for cause”. The effort to fire her failed on a five to two vote. After the vote, the meeting erupted with shouts of “lock her up” and several shouted vulgar words. Law enforcement did not intervene, and the meeting ended without further disruptions.

The activists seeking Shang’s ouster continue to complain about her performance at Deltona. Recently they have suggested that Shang is being paid for her community service as she has allegedly performed some of her community service during working hours.

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