Party politics in the United States has killed democracy. American voters do not have direct access to their government. Instead, American voters are filtered through party politics. This makes Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi the true national agenda directors. Trump more so than Pelosi simply because of the inherent powers of the presidency. Although Pelosi controls the purse strings, Donald Trump has been adept at bypassing Congress through executive orders. But the problem remains, American voters aren’t going to vote for representation in 2020. Instead, they will vote, and Trump will be reelected.

What?! Why?!

It is simple. Nancy Pelosi has decided that party politics is more important than the future of the nation. Pelosi is too focused on her party, the Democrats, taking control in 2020 that she is allowing Donald Trump to dictate the 2020 game.

Here’s how.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow her caucus to begin the impeachment process against Donald Trump. Pelosi’s argument is that the Senate is controlled by the Republicans and the Republicans are unlikely to vote to impeach Donald Trump. Pelosi argues that the impeachment process is a two-step process that begins at the House and ends at the Senate. Her argument is that it does no good to start the process at the House only to have it stymied at the Senate because of the Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi feels that that an impeachment process that fails at the Senate will hurt the Democrats at the polls in 2020. She is putting party politics before the good of the country.

Nonetheless she misses the whole point of the two-step process. Impeachment begins at the House because that is where the evidence is laid out so that the American people can see it. Americans do not have time nor the inclination to read the Mueller Report. This, even though the Mueller Report clearly argues that it is the job of Congress to hold Trump accountable.

Voters will follow the evidence when it is disclosed, if the House does its job properly of gathering and releasing the evidence against Donald Trump. Once the evidence is laid out, the Senate Republicans would become moot.

I would argue that Nancy Pelosi allowing an impeachment process to begin would be her doing the country’s work. However, Pelosi’s fear of hurting her party in 2020 is not about the country but about her party.

She is wrong.

What Americans are seeing today is 2016 all over again.

It was party politics that pitted Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump because according to the party leadership it was time for Clinton while others argued it was time for a woman president. When Trump clinched the Republican nomination, most Democrats thought aha, there is no way Trump beats Hillary Clinton.

But he did because the Democrats were so focused on the party politics that they missed the clear warning sign of an electorate disfranchised by party politics.

The Democrats have not learned that lesson yet.

Nancy Pelosi is so focused on the good of the party that she is allowing Trump to dictate the 2020 election politics. The Democrats leadership has also not learned its lesson because the party political machine is galvanizing around Joe Biden. Not because Joe Biden is the best the Democrats can muster but because the polls show that Biden has the best chance to beat Donald Trump.

But the polls are wrong again just as they were wrong when most thought Hillary Clinton would stomp Trump.

Party politics killed democracy in America.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...