As I have written numerous times before, the issue of immigration is the singular item that is often misused by politicos to get votes. This is true for the Democrats and the Republicans. As I have written over many posts before, the Democrats are worse for immigrants than the Republicans but that is hard to show to individuals because of Donald Trump’s toxic war on immigrants. But like Trump, immigrants are pawns in the game of political scapegoating.

We know that the Democrats love to pretend that they support immigrants when politically expedient but when it comes time to legislate immigration reform their labor base nixes any idea of work permits or allowing more immigrants into America.

Basically, the Democrat’s base doesn’t want immigrants competing for jobs.

If you don’t believe this, look at Bernie Sanders vacillating stance on immigrants as he ramps up a run for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Watch how he twists himself into a pretzel trying to keep the idea that he favors immigrants but wants to protect American benefits for his socialist agenda.

The Republicans, with the obvious exception of the Tea Party and Donald Trump, are supportive of the idea of allowing immigrants access to America, especially the economic immigrant looking for jobs. Look no further than Ronald Reagan for proof of this.

But when it comes to political points, both the Democrats and the Republicans use the idea of immigration reform as a tool to exact concessions from the other party.

Many readers probably understand this. But many may not realize that the so-called do-gooders shepherding the migrant caravans from Central America, through México and on to the U.S. border are doing so for their own agendas.

The non-governmental organizations are not only posturing for more donations, i.e. resources, to deal with the issues at the border but are also looking to force immigration reform.

You see, by forcing an immigrant surge on the border, the do-gooders are forcing the American government into a situation where immigration reform happens, not because it makes sense, but because the process is overwhelmed that it must be addressed before the system collapses.

Most immigrants are economic immigrants looking for the dollar bill. For many years I heard stories in México about how dollar bills were thrown out by Americans every day. A dollar bill may not mean much to Americans because it buys little, but when you take that dollar and multiply it by $12 Pesos, back in the day, or about $18.95 in today’s exchange rate, you’ll see that the dollar just turned into about $18 Pesos.

Ironically, the Guatemalan Quetzal has a better exchange rate with the U.S. Dollar at about $7.60 to the dollar. But the math works nonetheless from the perspective of the immigrant.

It is a matter of perspective. Most Americans leave a dollar, or two or three at the lunch counter after eating lunch at the local watering hole. For the American that is the required tip expected for the lunch. For immigrants, that looks like a dollar thrown away. Multiply that by the exchange rate and the depressed wages and you suddenly see why it looks like money is pouring out for the immigrants to pick up.

But the other side of the proverbial coin is lost in immigrants because they either do not want to acknowledge it when pointed out to them or are never told about it. It is the issue of the cost of living. When the economic immigrant makes plans about making money, they do not understand that the cost of living in America is astronomically higher, thus the greater salaries in America.

For example, back in the day, I could not comprehend how an avocado could cost me a dollar in America and pennies in México. Once I understood the cost of living problem did the cost of the avocado make sense to me.

Many economic immigrants believe that they can work while spending as little as they can in order to save enough money and return home. However, it is extremely difficult because of the cost of living in America.

But a dollar thrown on the lunch counter is hard to resist when the alternative is starving children and no work.

This is the lie that many economic immigrants do not understand.

This is where the do-gooders take advantage of the immigrants for their own selfish agenda.

The migrant caravans don’t come together simply because suddenly large a group of people look to immigrate. Leaving your home is not an easy thing. Traveling thousands of miles, especially with children, is not something one suddenly decides to do, especially if that someone has little to no resources.

That is unless someone comes to them and tells them that all they need to do get to the border and turn themselves into the nearest official. Take your child and the process is even easier, they are told.

Do-gooders aren’t organizing migrant caravans out for altruistic motives to help immigrants out. They do it to forward their own political agenda and, or to fill up their financial coffers.

In other words, immigrants don’t just get used by party politics for elections, but they are also pawns of many who use them to further their own political agendas. A political pawn, that is what it is to be an immigrant in America.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Immigrant Pawns At The Border”

  1. Alan Russell, CEO of TECMA one of the larger contract manufacturers here, said as much yesterday at the Rio Grande Economics Association luncheon; that the migrant caravans are being orchestrated, i.e., it is not an organic phenomenon. So, someone has an agenda for it. Other than that, he pretty much sounds like Martin, that Mexico has a great future along with its North American partnership. We better hope so or life on the border won’t improve much.

    Me, I don’t disagree with Mr. Russell, but I still want a big high wall with smart ports of entry for the level of immigration we need from all the world, not just the Americas. E Pluribus Unum.

  2. They all use the immigrant as political pawns so does it really matter who is worse? El trompas not only has the support from the Republicans for his anti-immigrant stance, they welcome his unabashed toxicity, his open racism. That is who they are, no more coded words.

    That Reagan granted amnesty to the undocumented immigrants doesn’t negate the fact that he too exploited the immigrant to better serve his political agenda.

    Had he really done the right thing, the moral thing, the fair thing, he would have provided immigrants the means for them to negotiate their wages, work benefits, work conditions, etc. Just like a product that’s priced due to demand, scarcity etc. so should the labor that no one else wants to do be valued by such parameters.

    Then there’s the Reagan Factor (RF) I’ll call it that, why not? When a company is raided by la migra the undocumented workers are taken and deported, many with years of working for the company. The company gets a slap in the hand, and left to resume its business due to the RF – the contractor hired to hire. Remember Lou Dobbs?

    Probably it’s those who want the pinchi wall who are financing these caravan organizers, keep Amerik³a shaking in its boots.

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