I paid my taxes yesterday. Imagine that, a Mexican immigrant that is not an American citizen paid U.S. taxes yesterday! But as many will tell you today, I didn’t benefit from the Trump tax cuts. I paid taxes into the American system although that system is threatening immigrants, like myself.

Anecdotally, as I left the post office after dropping off my tax payment, the post office clerk told me that many patrons had told him that they were paying more in taxes now, then before the Trump tax cuts. For me, my payment was about the same as last year, except now that I do not have to pay the Affordable Healthcare Act penalty for not having insurance I supposedly saved about $1,000. But all is not what it seems. Since I paid about the same as last year, on the same income, then my taxes went up by about $1,000.

Yes, my taxes increased this year.

What is worse is that I’m in the target demographic that the Trump tax cuts were supposed to benefit. I am self-employed and I run my revenues through a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Yet, I saw no tax benefits, although that was promised.

It is not just me. The news media is reporting that few American taxpayers benefited from the tax cuts. Politico says that the Trump tax cuts, “remain deeply unpopular.” Across America, many taxpayers are wondering what happened to the tax cuts they were promised.

Obviously, Donald Trump and cohorts are arguing that his tax cuts are a “tremendous relief for working families and for small businesses.”

But are they really?

America will know better in the coming days as the stress of filing tax returns, paying taxes and looking at the bottom line will trickle down through the economy. There will be lots of spin on both sides.

But Americans aren’t dumb, they know whether the Trump cuts benefited them or not. The initial indications are that Americans aren’t too happy with Trump’s tax cuts.

As many of us who oppose the hate-filled Trump Administration, I’m getting ready for the release of the Mueller Report on Thursday. Add that to the overall feeling among Americans as to their taxes, and things will likely get worse for Trump and his supporters.

I am an immigrant and I paid my taxes. For many years, I even paid the payroll taxes of American citizens who worked for me.

Can Donald Trump and his supporters say the same?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...