Time seems to have compressed for me recently with too many projects going on at the same time. The politics of the nation are not standing by as national debates on Russian interference and Donald Trump obstruction continues to dominate the national debate. As if that isn’t enough, the issue of asylum seekers and immigration is intensifying, as if that were possible. From a blogger’s perspective, this is nirvana for political content. The problem is that there is not enough of it, but too much.

In addition to the political fodder my business and family commitments are not decreasing but increasing as well. This is forcing me to decide what to focus on and what to put aside.

I create content and content requires quality and consistency. I need to focus on what content I can deliver as efficiently as possible while keeping the quality up. As I wrote last week, I’ve been thinking about the future of my podcast. I thought I’d have a decision by today, but truth be told, it is hard to give it up although if something needs to go, it would be the podcast. I’ve narrowed down my options for the Border Mic. Keep it but lower the frequency down to every other week, or once a month. From a content consistency, lowering the frequency is a bad idea in that listeners tend to fall off when there is no new content on a regular basis.

But keeping the Border Mic on a weekly schedule is just not possible currently because of my time commitments. That leaves me doing away with it or lowering the publishing frequency down. I am hoping to make the decision this week.

But the politics of immigration and Donald Trump keeps on going. Here are a few things that are on my radar and something you may wish to keep an eye on this week.

Obviously the big one is the expected release of the redacted version of the Mueller Report. It is expected today or later in the week. Although redacted, it will surely provide for many blog posts and national commentary in the coming weeks.

The other thing that I want to point out is El Paso’s congresswoman, Veronica Escobar and the issue of asylum seekers. If you listen to the national narrative, the local news and Escobar’s spin you will be left with the impression that Veronica Escobar is the champion of the asylum seekers at the border.

The reason you might believe this is because the El Paso Times and other local news, as well as the national news is allowing her to spin the fiction of the reality because they refuse to provide you with the facts.

Here are the inconvenient facts that Veronica Escobar doesn’t want to explain to you or the nation.

Although Veronica Escobar seemingly champions the plight of the asylum seekers and their inhumane treatment at the hands of Donald Trump, her husband has been implicated in violating the due process of the asylum seekers. A complaint has been filed by immigration attorneys alleging several violations against asylum seekers in El Paso. There are four immigration judges mentioned in the complaint. One of them is Escobar’s husband.

Why has this inconvenient fact not being pointed out by the news media?

How can America have a national debate on immigration when facts are distorted or kept from the discussion? This is why no one is serious about fixing the immigration problem in America.

Oh, and taxes are due today.

Buckle in because this will be a busy week.

To help you prepare, here are some cartoons to enjoy, courtesy of Cagle Cartoons:

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