Malinchista is a term used by Mexicans against other Mexicans that denigrate México for personal gain. There is a difference between criticizing social norms – such as corruption – national policy and even the government and just denigrating it for personal gain. Kate del Castillo, a Mexican born, dual-national – U.S. and Mexican citizen – soap opera star says she loves México but has no problem denigrating it for her own personal gain.

In December, Kate del Castillo sued the outgoing Enrique Peña Nieto government for embarrassing her. In her suit, del Castillo argues that she was kept from visiting México for about three years because of fears that she would be arrested upon her return. She also argues that the Mexican government cost her income by releasing text messages between her and El Chapo.

Kate del Castillo also filed a Human Rights violation against the Mexican government, again for embarrassing her.

So, let’s us look at the facts.

Kate del Castillo was in direct contact via telephone and text messaging with a known criminal, El Chapo, while he was in jail and after he escaped jail. As a dual citizen, del Castillo has a duty to both the United States and México. El Chapo was wanted in both countries. Not only did Kate del Castillo communicate numerous times with El Chapo, she accepted a Blackberry telephone from him with which she could communicate with him.

As the recently concluded Chapo trial revealed, the U.S. government has hundreds of hours of intercepted telephone calls between El Chapo and various individuals and about 1 million text messages. Many of those intercepted messages were via Blackberry devices that El Chapo assumed were secure. However, the Chapo trial revealed that the engineer who created the sophisticated communications system for El Chapo was also helping the U.S. government.

Kate del Castillo alleges that the Mexican government selectively released some of the intercepted text messages between her and El Chapo that cost her acting jobs. Note that del Castillo initially alleged that the text messages were doctored but ultimately agreed that those were her text messages, albeit out of context.

Here’s the issue, del Castillo was flirting with a known criminal because she wanted an exclusive business opportunity to make a movie about him. Whether there were amorous overtures between both, or one is immaterial because for Kate del Castillo it was an opportunity to make money.

In her text messages, there are amorous overtones and texts insinuating money laundering for her Tequila business.

In her movie, “The Day I Met El Chapo,” del Castillo insinuates that Sean Penn betrayed her and may have been the catalyst to Chapo’s capture. In her movie del Castillo also says she had a romantic involvement with Penn.

None of that matters.

However, in her movie, Kate del Castillo argues that the Mexican government investigated her, and not Sean Penn in order to punish her for meeting with Chapo clandestinely.

But again, she is wrong.

The fact is that Kate del Castillo is a Mexican citizen under the authority of the Mexican government. The text messages demonstrate the possibility of money laundering. The Mexican government had a responsibility to investigate if she had committed any crimes. To this date there have been no text messages shown to the public between El Chapo and Penn. Nor is Sean Penn a Mexican citizen.

There was no reason for the Mexican government to open an investigation of an American citizen at that point.

In her $60 million lawsuit, Kate del Castillo argues that the Mexican government embarrassed her by releasing her text messages with El Chapo. She has also told the news media that Sean Penn “betrayed” her.

The question then becomes, where is the lawsuit against Sean Penn?

On one hand she alleges that the Mexican government hurt her business by releasing factually correct text messages between her and a criminal while ignoring that Sean Peen betrayed her for his own business interests.

That is the epitome of a malinchista.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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