Once corrupt always corrupt seems to be the way it is. Just look at two old El Paso controversies to get a sense of how corruption seems to continue to blossom. Remember Victor Bieganowski and Jane Shang? The Bieganowski brothers, two of El Paso’s finest (in jest) continue to practice law and deliver medical services. Jane Shang, a former protégé of Joyce Wilson, is in the news once again.

A reader recently alerted me that Victor Bieganowski is still practicing law. Some of you may remember that I wrote about the Bieganowski brothers in a connecting-the-dots piece back in 2015. (link)

In 1996, the Bieganowski brothers; Arthur and Victor were named in a criminal complaint involving medical fraud. Arthur was a doctor, and his brother was/is a lawyer. You’ll see further down why I used was/is. Arthur, the doctor was arrested for medical fraud by soliciting accident victims and submitting fraudulent bills to medical insurance companies. He was also arrested for money laundering. A jury convicted him of mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering. Arthur was sentenced to 14 years in jail.

In 2001, Victor Bieganowski, Arthur’s brother and the lawyer, pleaded guilty to commit mail fraud. Victor was debarred from practicing law on May 21, 2002. Victor Bieganowski was involved in a corruption conspiracy involving a railroad union. Because Victor wore a wire for the FBI, he was given a reduced jail sentence, which he appealed because he did not think it was sufficiently reduced.

Eventually, both the Bieganowski brothers were given back their professional licenses, not withstanding their criminal convictions. Arthur is the doctor. According to the Texas Medical Board, Arthur is licensed as an acupuncturist and as a physician.

The thing about corruption is that corruption must be enabled by official sources so that it can flourish. Without official governmental or regulatory complicity, corruption cannot exist.

Absolutely not one-word mention of Arthur Bieganowski’s criminal past involving medical fraud.

I especially like the part where Arthur has reported “NONE” for “Malpractice Information” and “Criminal History”. Note that the medical board even advises the reader that it obtains criminal history information from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

But it gets worse.

Remember the brother, Victor, who was debarred from practicing law?

According to the Texas Bar, Victor Bieganowski is “eligible to practice law in Texas.”

Maybe experience as a criminal translates to effective representation for his customers? I jest.

I will at least give credit to the Texas Bar for bothering to mention that Victor Bieganowski was debarred in 2002.

But shouldn’t honesty and integrity be a requirement for a lawyer?

How about explaining to Texas consumers that Victor Bieganowski was not only convicted of fraud but will also wear a wire to keep himself out of jail?

But, but this is old history, why bring it up again is the likely question some of you are asking.

Late last year, Karla Triana filed a lawsuit against Dr. Bratislav Velimirovic.

According to the lawsuit, while Triana’s mother was undergoing emergency surgery at Del Sol Medical Center, the doctor (Velimirovic), gave her an attorney’s business card and urged her to call the attorney. Triana’s mother died from her injuries.

Soon after, according to the lawsuit, Karla Triana started receiving calls and text messages from an employee at the attorney’s office. Guess who the attorney is.

If you guessed Victor Bieganowski, you just won the virtual blog jackpot.

Note the alleged scheme?

Corruption never strays far from its roots.

And, El Paso continues to be the hotbed of corruption.

Remember Jane Shang? (Another reader alerted me about this.)

Remember how she was fired by Joyce Wilson after Shang contradicted Wilson in a city council meeting? Shang was later hired by Deltona (Florida) to be their city manager. Almost immediately Jane Shang faced serious opposition from Deltona residents for her money raising schemes.

You can read more about the controversies in Deltona by following this link. Also, be sure to use the search function on my blog to look at her controversies in El Paso. Just enter “Jane Shang” in the search bar.

Last week, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement launched an investigation against Jane Shang for violating state law. According to news reports, Shang is accused of violating state law by listing her home address as the Deltona City Hall on her voter registration. If Shang is convicted, she faces a third-degree felony and up to five years in jail for voter fraud.

See how El Paso incubates corruption?

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