As many of you likely know, Donald Trump issued an Executive Order late Wednesday ordering that immigrant children should remain with their parents. Why did Trump backtrack? Because his own party and his daughter and wife admonished him for terrorizing children. The sudden change of heart says a lot about the failure that is the Donald Trump administration.

It starts with Donald Trump insistence that only Congress can change the law. When challenged about the separation of children from their parents, Donald Trump kept insisting that it was required under the law. Trump argued that only Congress could change the law, and thus the imagery of terrorized children lay at the feet of Congress.

But, and as proven by Donald Trump’s Executive Order ending the practice, the separation of the children at the border was Trump’s to begin with. Trump not only had the authority to immediately end the practice, but Trump also initiated the practice through his administration’s attempt to make a political point about border security.

Donald Trump, through his Homeland Security and Jeff Sessions, launched the “zero tolerance” policy on immigrants. It was designed to discourage undocumented immigrants from attempting to enter the country. To do so, the Trump administration terrorized children to make their political point. In other words, children were terrorized by Donald Trump for political purposes.

However, Trump did not count of his own party loyalists turning on him. Donald Trump frequently doubles down on controversial issues, insisting that it is part of his “negotiating style.” But in this case, not only were most people outraged by the evil of using children as political pawns, but Trump’s own party, the Republicans, rebelled against him.

In the end, Donald Trump backtracked and admitted defeat.

Under his Executive Order, the Trump administration is saying that children will no longer be separated from their parents.

But to fully understand the evilness of the whole thing, just look at the dysfunctional bureaucracy now trying to figure out how to deal with the law that requires children to be released within 20 days and how to reunite 2,000 or more children back with their parents.

Two thousand children are now terrorized because Donald Trump tried to make a political statement through them. That is evil.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “The Trump About Face”

  1. There is no way to win in this as long as Trump does not take decisive action. People like Martin and the media make it seem like some crime that we as a country have borders that we want respected. Well, guess what? We do.

    Mexico is the problem, not Central America, because it is Mexico that is enabling these hordes to migrate to the great El Norte Democrat Welfare Machine. I propose that we make Mexico an offer they can’t refuse: stop the swarms or we will take some of your territory and create a north American Gaza Strip on your soil that we will occupy and control, not you.

    That way, all interdicted migrants will be renditioned to El Gaza and not subject to US laws as it will be occupied territory and still technically Mexican soil. No need to separate families since the only place they’re all going is to El Gaza or back home.

    My guess is that Mexico will send them home and do something to stop the massive illegal invasion of our border, while we build the wall. Our alternative is what you’re seeing now in Europe, if you think that is a future you want for America,

  2. I’m too cynical to believe that Republicans and trompatista women folk are concerned and ‘coming’ out against government sanction of kidnapping and holding children for ransom.

    To the Republicans it’s just politics, midterms are close enough for them to read the writing on the wall, i.e. the backlash is too big both politically and personally. At the end they would and will circle the wagons around el trompas because he is giving them what they want.

    As for the women folk, they would have come out against this act of evil in a New York minute if it had bothered them at all. What person of conscience/empathy/historical knowledge wouldn’t? They were biding time to see how the tide would flow. As the FLOTUS reminds us as she boards the plane after her PR stunt “I really don’t care, do you?” (callous).

    It’s pure trompas MO, reel in than repulse and vice versa, as he leaves a trail of destruction, hate, cheering trompatistas, etc.

    Aqui si que les salio el tiro por la culata! ( benefitting are the Democrats). Alas the two wings of the bird of prey as per usual exploiting immigrants for politics.

  3. And on a different note (all those connections-the shin bone is connected to the knee bone):

    “Mid Continent is owned by Mexico-based Deacero. The parent company produces steel and ships the raw material to its Poplar Bluff plant. Spokesperson Elizabeth Heaton tells Missourinet Deacero is being hit with the 25% tariff for importing steel to its own company.”

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