The Republican Party must now own Donald Trump. For ever more, the Republican Party will be known as the party that put the Trump scourge on the American people. But not all is lost. The Republican Party can put some sanity back into American politics by governing for the people, as they should. This week, the nation faces another potential shutdown and it will likely come down to The Trump Wall and to a solution for the Dreamers. Trump has ensured that the Dreamer issue include money for The Wall.

Donald Trump continues to suffer from Wall Alzheimers. Trump cannot see past The Wall. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, The Wall is his legacy to the America people. At the State of the Union address, Trump reiterated his wall. When his advisers try to temper down the rhetoric that The Wall was just political speech uttered by Trump to get elected, Trump responds that there is no ambiguity to The Wall. As far as Trump is concerned, The Wall will seal the U.S.-México border. Never mind the fact that this is an impossibility. As far as Trump is concerned, who cares, so long as he gets to pretend that he delivered The Wall.

Trump’s entire presidency is now mired on The Wall.

Unfortunately for Trump, reality has the tendency to destroy fantasies, even Donald Trump fantasies.

Now, instead of México paying for The Wall, it will be the U.S. taxpayer who will foot the bill.

So much for México paying for The Wall.

Now, instead of a wall, from sea-to-shinning-sea, Donald Trump has grudgingly accepted that parts of The Wall will be “see through”.

Funny, how rivers and mountains tend to stand in the way of The Wall, even for Trump.

While this is playing out and while the government faces another shutdown, the Republicans are starting to realize that campaign donations are dwindling down for them.

Dwindling campaign funds will likely turn to voter apathy, or worse, voter repudiation of the Republicans during the upcoming midterm elections.

Republican losses in the midterms lay squarely on the feet of the Trump politics.

As Thursday’s government shutdown looms ever closer, it will be interesting to see if the Republicans squirm over The Wall, or will they keep pretending that Donald Trump represents the Republican value set?

In a few days, we will know if the Republican Party has sold its soul to Donald Trump, or are they ready for some much needed redemption.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “The Party of the Wall”

  1. If the Chinese could build an 8,000 mile wall 2,000 years ago, the USA can build a 2,000 mile wall today. If DJT does nothing else in his presidency but complete the border wall, he will have saved America from the illegal invasion from the south, Mexico and central American failed states will have to solve their own problems instead of exporting their poverty to our shores.

  2. I just read that el trompas wants another government shutdown and he’s blaming the Ds, like a little boy he’s taking his ball and going home. Is that how great negotiators negotiate?

    The hardcore Rs will believe trompas no questions asked.

    Como la mula de Lucas, only one way view – straight with blinders on the sides of her eyes- as she hauled her banana cart on Alameda. She never turned, never deviated until her master led her.

  3. The only fanatsy that exists us the pretension that Democrats Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama made the very statements about immigration and the wall. Hillary didn’t want a wall but was ok with a fence ! It was a Democrat that instituted the Tortilla Fence.

    While Open Border people shriek about a US wall, they are silent about the Mexican Southern Wall.

    Will a wall be foolproof ? Of course not. If you understand anything about security you will know any system can be defeated with enough effort. The key to security is to develop measures that delay a perp long enough to be seen and caught.

    Negotiations as defined by Pati and Democrats is “agree to everything I want or say”.

  4. The thing is that today’s topic is el trompas and his stupid wall, not Obama, not los Clintons. During their tenures many of us did critique their methods/policies and, when the situation arises now we continue to criticize them. El trompas has been at the helm for more than a year so let’s stay on board.

    One does not negotiate with extortion and threats.

    We independents question those in power and leadership roles, we don’t care about loyalty to either party.

    The southern wall is not about security, it is about promoting hate towards and fear of those deemed ‘inferior’ to the citizens of a white supremacist nation.

  5. Independent ? You certainly are not an independent ! Every one of your tirades has been the leftist agenda. You have NO idea what an independent is. I have been an independent long before it became “popular” to identify oneself as one.

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