To understand how dangerous Donald Trump is you just need to look at his tweeting during the catastrophic suffering going on in Houston today. Hurricane Harvey has caused much damage to Texas and especially to Houston. Donald Trump traveled to Texas to shore up his political base. Melania Trump, meanwhile, wore stilettos while accompanying Trump to Texas. The optics of the whole thing is wrong – very wrong. It’s not about the stilettos nor the tweets, but rather it is about a president completely devoid of any sense and a lack of decency.

On Sunday, while Houston residents were trying to stay above water, Donald Trump wasn’t looking for ways to help the Texans is despair. Instead, Trump was tweeting about having México pay for the wall that the nation can ill-afford, especially now after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Someone needs to pay to get Houston and the rest of Texas back on its feet. That’ll be tax monies that have yet to be budgeted. But Trump doesn’t understand that. Trump is obsessed with The Wall.

It will take years and lots of taxpayer monies to recover from the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. This is not the time to tweet about The Wall. It is the time to focus on those in need.

However, as Trump tweeted about The Wall and NAFTA, the Mexican government responded with a simple answer, the Government of México “takes this opportunity to express its full solidarity with the people and government of the United States as a result of the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas…as good neighbors should always do in trying times.

Clearly, there is one government that understands that the people in the path of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey don’t really care about The Wall nor who will pay for it. They care about how the government will respond in their time of need.

The Donald Trump administration responded by tweeting about The Wall, while the government of México responded by offering to help the people of Texas.

Clearly one government gets it, while the other has no clue.

As my government stated, I and I am sure many of my Mexican brethren, stand ready to help those in Texas who need help in any way we can.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Yes, it will take years and lots of taxpayer monies and many immigrants to help rebuild, those same immigrants who are maligned and blamed for USA woes. As it happened in the last disaster and the one before and …..

    Quote below from an article at by Richard Prince “Texans Ask: What About When We Need Immigrants to Rebuild?

    “To make it all work at prices that Houston homeowners can afford, cheap immigrant labor is a requirement. Even the conservative Texas Association of Business concedes as much, which is why its members are calling for comprehensive immigration reform, not a wall.

    “Houston is where Trump’s Make America Great Again boasts slam up against hard economic reality. He can choose between an immigration crackdown or a more rapid recovery. But he can’t have both. . . .”

  2. Martin, you used to be a really good blogger on local El Paso issues. Then you caught Trump Derangement Syndrome and all you read like now is CNN and HuffPo. I miss your analysis and exposure of local matters as, I’m sure, many of your loyal readers do of which I am one.

  3. Pati and Martin
    Just shut the hell up about this topic you are being ignorant {edited} this is not the time. My children, Grand children, and other family members have lost their homes. One of my Grand Children was in Dickerson where he lived had to be rescued from a roof top and now doesn’t have his home no more. Martin if you hate America so much take your sorry ass to Mexico and Pati {edited}!

    {Edited by Martin on 31aug17@08:38ET for TOS violations}

    1. I’m sorry for your family, I really am. I empathize with all the victims of Harvey.

      You have shown no empathy for the immigrants and their suffering and now you come with your vulgarities and demand that I shut up for stating the obvious. Please, get a grip, your anger is misplaced.

      It’s odd that you didn’t take offense when el trompas held a self-promotional rally in Texas instead of expressing empathy; he did not meet with the people, talk to them, nor comfort them like former presidents have done during such disasters.

      The House GOPers want to cut almost one billion dollars from the Disaster Relief Fund to pay for your Wall. Now ask yourself at what cost (and I don’t mean monetary)? What’s more important, your stupid Wall or relief for those in need?

      Smoke some reefer, calm down, and don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. Ok, appreciate the help. But when is Mexico going to help its citizens and they don’t feel the need to flee a country that hasn’t changed in decades. Still corrupt, Presidents take a cut on the way out of office.

    No education, jobs, medical care, rights, poor infrastructure. Yet the country is very rich in resources.

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