The issue is not whether Donald Trump is under criminal investigation or not, but rather that we are having this discussion at all. The President of the United States represents the people of the country. POTUS does this by being elected by the voters to lead the country with dignity and integrity. The president is supposed to set the standard. Yet, today’s leading discussion, on all sides of the debate, is whether Donald Trump is under criminal investigation.

I have been criticized for not respecting the office and yet, shouldn’t respect be earned by holding oneself to a higher standard than the rest of us? More importantly, shouldn’t the president be leading by example? The fact that the discussion is about whether Trump is under criminal investigation, rather than about policy, tells you everything you need to know about the Trump presidency thus far.

The Trump surrogates are blaming the Trump resistance and the left for trying to derail the Trump administration. They accuse the Democrats of being obstructionists. Lost in the narrative is the fact that Congress is dominated by the Republicans – the party that Trump leads. But somehow, that is not enough for Donald Trump to push forth his agenda. Why is that?

The better question is why does it matter that the GOP controls the Congress when you have a narrative about whether the president is under criminal investigation or not. Even if you accept that there is conspiracy against Trump, it cannot account for the simple fact that Trump has been unable to get Congress, whose party he heads, to enact any of his promised agenda items. Instead it has become a blame game where little facts like the Democrats simply do not have the numbers in Congress to block all of Trump’s agendas is conveniently ignored.

It is not as if Trump’s signature agenda items aren’t on the Republican wish list. The Republicans want nothing better than to repeal ObamaCare. They have been promising it since it became law. Yet, it still languishes in the Senate. Tax reform is nothing more than a rough draft that has yet to be articulated enough to start the discussion about public policy. Forget the wall or the travel ban. The Republicans are running as far away as possible from them.

Trump promised to end NAFTA but so far nothing but a whimper from him about renegotiating it is all the voters have received from him.

The fact that the dialog is about whether Trump is under criminal investigation tells us all we need to know. It tells us that not even the Republicans have enough trust in their president to help him enact at least one of his promised policy items.

Everyone, including the Republicans are just waiting for the next shoe to fall about Donald Trump. They are biding their time for that moment when most of the Republicans will collectively move to impeach their president before they face the voters again.

That is the underlining truth that Donald Trump wishes you did not know.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. First, there is no criminal investigation of Donald Trump. Yes, leakers say there is now, but Comey actually testified that the majority of leaked stories being run were inaccurate because leakers rarely have correct info. Surprisely, that part of his testimony wasn’t widely run in the media. The investigations we are seeing are politically motivated. Dems want to win the mid-terms by slowing any change and establishment Republicans that don’t want the swamp drained lest they lose their bull gator status are complicit as well. The losers are the American people. Trump’s agenda is moving forward but more slowly than most of us would like to see. The elections yesterday proved that agenda has popular support. Hopefully Congress will get the message.

  2. Absolutely! Respect should be earned and el trompas as POTUS should be held to a much higher standard. Throughout the campaign trail we saw that this was not going to happen, we were dealing with a capricious, spoiled, grown brat. So it continues, the Little Boy in the Fat Man’s body.

    Maybe this is the reason for the latest ‘Russians Are Coming’ cycle. Not so much about the hacking of computers but a way to look into his criminal connections to the Russian mobsters. Now that is juicy!

    “Behind every great fortune there is a crime.” accredited to Balza.

  3. The Dems just cannot get over that Hillary lost when all the MSM (except the LA Times and Financial Times) projected a 90%+ probability of her winning. The election must have been hacked or the Russians did it or WikiLeaks did it by exposing what slimy shits they were to Bernie and how Podesta’s hot tub buddies might actually be children.

    Memo to Dems – you just lost again in Georgia in a well-to-do district with lots of well educated folks, not the redneck hicks you think vote GOP. You have lost a majority of statehouses in Obama’s term, too, so obviously you are not on message with the American people except the hipster archipelago along the coasts. There is no future for a Democrat party positioned as the nanny state party of moral degeneracy and SJW outrage.

  4. Martin
    If Mueller investigation is leaking like is being claimed that Trump is being investigated there will be consequence for such leaking if charges are brought against Trump in a court of law. See the problem is the Tit tard left believe Trump get charged and he’s automatically guilty,impeached and removed from office which is total bullshit.

    All for those like Pati this is going to open up investigations against the Democrats, Obama, Hillary and who was using the government for political ends which for the Tit tard super geniuses on the left was unconstitutional and criminal.
    Oh and swill media pretty much once again has invalidated their journalistic credibility with the elections in Georgia and South Caroline where once again they claimed the defeat of the Republicans and the so called referendum on Trump. The Democrats lost!
    Pati you are the best example of why the Democrats keep losing you will believe stupid unsupported innuendo even when it been proven it’s non-sense and bull shit. Hey Pati even most in the swill media aren’t running with the Russian mob B.S.. You Pati represent the lunatic fringe Tit tard left that is killing the Democratic party. Keep up the great work!

    1. I’m neither a Demo nor a Repug but I am a lefty, one of those on the left who have been critical of this current cycle of the ‘Russians are Coming’ and yet no evidence. W. E. B. Du Bois called them ‘the two wings of the same bird of prey’ (I believe it was Du Bois).

      Now I don’t know if there is a criminal investigation (not about the hacking) going on, but if there is and it opens the door to investigating the Demos than I say “Good!”.

      By the way, aren’t you one of those ‘speak English’ commenters? Well there’s more to ‘speak English’. You should also understand it so as not to post silly assertions.

      1. Pati
        Problem is your extreme left position and non-sense is what is destroying the left and the Democratic party. Hell Pati you were openly for Hillary but your not a Democrat. Right! The poor attempt to demonize me is just bull shit. Nope show where we every posted or made a speak English comment. Pati you are an idiot there are no such post that you can point too! Then again for the left like you unsupported innuendo works over facts! Yep keep deluding your self that you are a super genius!

  5. For the sake of discussion, Clinton was impeached and he continued as President and even lost his attorney license. So what if Trump is impeached that doesn’t mean he would go trial. Impeachment is an indictment which doesn’t mean guilt.

    Every single President in recent history has gone back channel with other countries friendly and unfriendly. Most of the high government appointees have done business with Russians and others. RFK was covertly meeting with the USSR Ambassador during the Cuban crisis. In fact what defused the crisis is the secret deal to remove US missiles in Turkey and to cover the Soviet reputation an agreement to say nothing.

    It’s very obvious there are those with agenda to destroy Trump. Keep in mind that when is a Democrat administration there will be payback so is that what we want ?

  6. “But somehow, that is not enough for Donald Trump to push forth his agenda. Why is that?”

    What on earth are you writing about, Martin? While you and your stooges are focused like rabid dogs on the Russian falsehoods, the agenda is moving forward. Examples: new conservative supreme court justice, North Dakota access pipeline operational, ANWR drilling opening, coal mines reopening, replacing Obamacare moving forward, withdrawal from Paris accord, planning for increased border security moving forward, reversal of misguided foreign policy toward Cuba, enticing China to take tougher stance toward north Korea, approval of the keystone pipeline, dramatic change to regulatory procedure and slashing bureaucratic red tape, withdrawing from TPP, pressing NATO members to take more of financial burden, US manufacturing index soaring, consumer confidence soaring, illegal immigration as measured by apprehensions down dramatically, the list goes on and on.

    Fair minded Americans see the changes, and support the president’s agenda. Nothing will come of this ‘investigation’, but you and your minions can continue to focus on the little carrot in front of you while the rest of us continue to MAGA.

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