There is no doubt that the nation’s nativists had a big influence on the most recent presidential election. Nativists believe that the nation should come first before all others. Nativists want to limit immigration and protect local jobs. Donald Trump attracted the nativist vote by promising to bring back jobs to the country and close the borders to the dangers posed by uncontrolled immigration. Trump promised an America First initiative.

As Donald Trump takes the helm of the country, and as I have promised before, I am going to begin to document the many lies and broken promises that I expect the Trump presidency will produce. The first one I am going to document is what I have dubbed the America First protocol. Under this protocol, it is expected that the president will make decisions based on the interests of the country over all others.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump says one thing and does another.

At this point we know that the Russians interfered with the presidential elections. Contrary to the general notion, it has not been alleged that the Russians put Donald Trump into office. What has been insinuated is that the Russians hacked DNC computers to compromise the Hillary Clinton campaign by releasing internal documents to the public. Acknowledging this does not mean that Hillary Clinton is not corrupt. Personally, I believe that she is corrupt to the core. That, however, does not negate the fact that voters were influenced by the release of her internal campaign documents. To what extent is up for debate.

We know that the Russians were behind the release of the documents because the US intelligence agencies, all of them, have told the public that it was the Russians. Not one of the country’s intelligence agencies have proffered a different culprit. As all the country’s intelligence agencies agree on this point then we can safely rule out a conspiracy to negate Trump’s election.

Additionally, accepting this premise does not negate the election of Donald Trump as it is unlikely that the released documents affected the outcome to the extent that Trump’s win would be in jeopardy. There are too many other factors at play to blame Clinton’s loss on the Russians.

With these sets of facts, Donald Trump is still resistant to acknowledge that it was the Russians that hacked the DNC computers. There are likely many reasons for this but what I would like to point out today is the farce that is the America First doctrine that Donald Trump supposedly embraces.

As indicated above, we know the Russians are the most likely culprits. All the US intelligence agencies agree on that point.

Donald Trump disagrees and has pointed to Julian Assange’s public pronouncements that it wasn’t the Russians. Forget for a moment the self-serving interests that Assange has and focus on the following:

All the United States security services agree that it was the Russians. The only contradictory evidence provided is Julian Assange, an Australian citizen.

The Russians, have of course, denied any official involvement, as well.

Trump has taken the word of a foreigner, Assange, over the integrity of the whole US intelligence operatives. Trump has also accepted the Russian’s self-serving pleas of innocence.

How is that embracing the America First doctrine that Donald Trump has pledged his presidency on? He takes the word of foreigners over those of his US agencies.

I’d love to listen to the counterpoints to these sets of facts, but, unfortunately, Donald Trump and his supporters do not offer alternative scenarios when the facts do not fit their notion of reality.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “The Trump America First Farce No: 1”

  1. Martin
    There is zero proof that Russia in any way hacked into the voting system in America. Zero! We do know Home Land Security was caught trying to do what many are now blaming Russia for.
    This is media carrying water for the DNC, Hillary and others. As to Hillary’s e-mails and the DNC. You forget that Hillary claimed herself that our allies were releasing some of the information.There is clear proof that many interest around the world hacked into Hillary’s server and the DNC’s servers. Yep main stream media and the DNC refuse to tell the people that a person or persons in the DNC and the federal government were linking and hacking some of the information that was released.
    Hillary and the DNC servers were used,abused and treated like five dollar prostitutes.
    Come on Martin surely you are no so gullible after what media and the pollsters did to try and get Hillary elected also some in the U.S. government and still believe the Bull Shit they are still trying to feed people.
    Seems you have zero issue promoting your Mexico first ideology but scream, whine and wring your hands when the U.S. does the same. Double standards Martin?

  2. Martin has now joined the collective hissy fit over Clinton’s defeat. It’s like saying, “If we didn’t know she was so smarmy we might have elected her. Damn those Russkys for blowing her cover!”

    1. Exactly what is smarmy about her? She used her personal account to access her emails? She’s like 70 years old. My 75 yo father much of his later life working with computers and providing tech support and even he is starting to struggle with email now as he gets older.

      If you’re referring to bribes and the shady work of the Clinton foundation, COME THE FUCK ON – this is DONALD FUCKING TRUMP that we’re comparing her to, the guy hasn’t done a single honest thing in his entire fucking life. He’s like the worst possible version of a smarmy, greedy, self-indulgent, morally bankrupt c**t possible, and you’re calling Clinton smarmy in comparison? This is beyond a joke.

      Anyway, maybe we’ll get to share a bunker some time when Trump starts his first of many Nuclear wars and we can flesh it out then.

  3. Many nuclear wars? Exaggerate much?! Pfft. This is why people stopped taking Hillary and her supporters seriously.

    First, we’re told she’s an amazing diplomat and competent politician. As soon as she gets in trouble, the narrative becomes that she’s a helpless grandma! Informed, you need to change your handle.

    Mr. Paredes, let’s get back to El Paso news. Beto is thinking about running for Senate (please run, PLEASE) and Escobar is wanting to take his place in Congress. He lives in such an echo chamber, he’s convinced he can actually win. Let’s get rid of both of them in the next election.

  4. A little boy and a fat man rolled in one this time.

    Good luck. Documenting the many lies from el trompas will be quite a job.

    The evidence is not there on the Russian hacking. The politicized spooks, McNutts, Lindsey, et al. are screaming for us to believe them. The Ds are still in shock that their Queen Bee will not be sitting on the throne. The Rs can’t come to terms that the creature they sired and nurtured has gone rogue. The MSM doing what they do best, squawking for favoritism from the duopoly.

    But you do raise a valid question about Mr. America and his ‘America’ first bollocks. Simply put, another lie from the bully for which he will never be held accountable, his fanatics will defend him. El trompas’ behavior was stunted at the third grade level but his body evolved into manhood.

    In a few days the petulant little boy in the fat man’s body will ‘reclaim’ the White Man’s house. He hasn’t started on his tenure and he already looks haggard, bloated, all that inner toxicity oozing from his pores, like a meth junky’s body expelling the poison that used to give him such a high.

    Too bad he didn’t do a Dorian Gray.

  5. Martin, reading the comments here sound like a bad novel. Oblivious to even the possibility that Russia meddled in the election. El Paso “intelligence analysts” not even caring if our CIA and FBI are correct. Impossible to even have a sane and reasonable discussion over the issue. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

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