I realize that today’s post is going to make many of you angry and some of you horrified that I am actually bringing this up. But, the facts demonstrate that my belief is not so farfetched after all, if you allow the facts to lead the way. The de-Mexicanization of El Paso is not racism in the common definition but rather it is about the eradication of a culture and an identity. It is not about skin color.

There are many examples of this and I have been documenting them through the years. The most recent example is the attempt to destroy the Durangito community and displace many people for an arena. The best example of the De-Mexicanization of El Paso is the Glass Beach study.

But there are many of you who still do not seem to understand it.

Lucky for me, the truth always emerges. Today, I get to provide you with more proof in the form of Ann Morgan Lilly and Jim Tolbert. As we go through the proof, please remember that it is not about skin color but rather about culture. For that reason, do not be surprised to realize that many Hispanics support the idea that El Paso is better off by erasing its Mexicanisms from it.

Look closely at the events of December 20, 2016.

During an open session of the city council meeting, discussing the proposed arena project, Jim Tolbert, in his official capacity attempted to silence and intimidate Miguel Patiño into silence by verbally abusing him. Tolbert did not let decorum hold him back. His contempt for those advocating protecting the Hispanic identity of the targeted neighborhood was put on full display by him. His contempt espoused the views of the current drivers of the public policy agenda destroying El Paso.

Had this been the only example of the day, I would have been hard pressed to use it as an example of the de-Mexicanization and many defenders would have risen to argue that Tolbert was just an example of an uneducated El Pasoan.

But, later that day, a former city representative added more proof to the argument. Ann Morgan Lilly and her husband, were accused of belligerence and assault against Oscar Leeser and his wife as a result of the city council taking the eradication of the Durangito neighborhood off of the arena project.

The Lilly’s and Tolbert are both Anglo. The targets of their ire are both Hispanics. Oscar Leeser was born in Mexico, is now a US citizen and is the current mayor of El Paso. That is not sufficient for the Lilly’s who clearly have a problem against the Mexicans in the community.

Look at the video to hear with your own ears and see with your own eyes, how Edward Rutledge “Rut” Lilly refers to Oscar Leeser as “little people,” and by extension all of the Hispanic members of the community. You can hear the contempt in his voice of having to accept that Hispanics have a voice in the community.

I know that some of you are thinking; but Martin, you write that Veronica Escobar is behind the public policy of de-Mexicanizing El Paso, but she is not Anglo. How can she be racist against Hispanics?

One of the most difficult things I have had to deal with is separating the de-Mexicanization of El Paso from racism. It is not about skin color, although the Lilly’s and Tolbert are clearly Anglo, their actions are just a symptom of the larger problem. A problem instigated by Ray Caballero and carried forth by Susie Byrd, Veronica Escobar, Jose Rodriguez, among others. They are serving an elite in hopes of getting their little piece of the pie.

Corruption relies on many members becoming part of the conspiracy but each being driven by their own agendas. Lilly and Tolbert seem to have a problem with Hispanics. But the larger problem is the notion that El Paso is being held back by its Mexican identity. This has resulted in a public policy agenda of eradicating Mexico from El Paso. It has brought forth strange bed fellows together to work towards the same goal.

The cracks in the corruption that sometimes expose the truth is a symptom of the many diverse groups working for the same public policy agenda.

I realize that some of you, if not many of you, still disagree with me on this. However, the goal of my blog is to expose it bit by bit. Just like I have been putting together bit-by-bit the proof of the two classes of people in El Paso and the many examples of Ann Morgan Lilly assaulting others, so will this post add further evidence of the public policy of de-Mexicanizing El Paso.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

7 replies on “Proof of the de-Mexicanization of El Paso”

  1. I don’t disagree with you. I do believe that there is an effort to “de-Mexicanize” El Paso. However, this is not the average Trump supporter or Republican leading the charge. These are liberal elites who want to tell us what’s best for us. Who votes these people into office again and again? What is their political affiliation? The El Paso base? You guessed it.

    Ortega? Democrat
    Byrd? Democrat
    O’Rourke? Democrat

  2. It doesn’t matter whether they are liberals or conservatives they all serve one group that pays well, the root of all evil is greedy. Greedy will bring enemies together, just look at Jaime Abeytia the voice of the “Little People”

  3. Vendetta, I disagree. You’re right, people oneed either side tend to be self-serving. However, the philosophies regarding the power/role of government do matter because they affect us all. In this case, the people who claim to be “down with la raza”, are only there to exploit their vote.

  4. Martin, these last 3 blogs were what I expected to read from your site. It is a perpetuated problem that has existed for decades. There is no changing the structure or the criminal elites in office, since they run most areas of the authoritarian corruption, like the following: Susie Byrd, Jim Tolbert, Veronica Escobar, Jose Rodriguez, Jo Ann Bernal, David Stout, Vince Perez, Jaime Esparza, Richard Wiles, Courtney Niland, Michael Noe, and Beto O’Rourke and most of the judges, and many more. And we should also include many of those formerly in office who have caused extreme damage to this community: Elliot Shapleigh, Sly Reyes, Ann Morgan Lilly, Ray Caballero, Steve Ortega, John Cook.
    You can see this community is riddled with POS’s from the underground and have damaged the liberty that once existed a long time ago in El Paso. There is no racial connotation, but there is a seething power demand and desire by all of them. They also have the desire to want to rule over others whatever the costs. Susie Byrd and Jim Tolbert are the slime that use the accusation and misdirection against their opponents in order to get what they want. They have used that tactic in order to get into office with prior reps that were in office. Apparently improving their perspective districts were not part of Tolbert and Byrd and Escobar’s plans.
    I can go on with this, but, Martin, you are in the right direction, but I think changing government is not the best alternative Civil and private actions are far better.

  5. Remember, another lefty, Dolores Huerta, worked to end the bracero program. Revisionist history has made her and Cesar Chavez the heroes of Mexican immigrants even though they fought to keep them out. Yet, so many immigrants believe the left loves them. They only exploit them.

  6. I didn’t see any mention of the Borderplex cabal or its Paso del Norte xxx affiliates. This is the organization that is the driving force behind all of El Paso’s covert sleaze disguised as civic enhancement.

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