As you know, I have been pointing out that the “safest city” designation is an outright lie. It is a propaganda slogan designed to create the illusion that El Paso is prospering. I have demonstrated previously to you that the lie is based on FBI statistics that the FBI specifically tells its readers not to use for ranking crime in cities. Regardless, any opportunity to use a write up about the safest cities in the nation, the city’s leadership proudly puts it out to the community. Except when the publication points out that El Paso is not first, but rather 37 on the “safest” cities list.

A frequent reader recently shared with me a new safest city list published online. Unlike the CQ list, this one shows that El Paso is actually 37 on the list. In the 2016 Safest Cities in America list published by Niche, Naperville, Illinois is number one. In Texas, Round Rock (4), Plano (14), Richardson (22), Denton (28), McAllen (31) and Irving (36) beat El Paso on the list.

Niche creates the list from 277 cities tracked by the FBI Uniform Crime Report. The same report used by other publications that the FBI specifically tells it readers not use it for ranking cities based on crime indicators. Obviously no one is listening.

I fully expect the city’s apologists to jump right in and point out that the list includes cities that are not in the “largest” city’s category and if those were excluded, El Paso would again be in the top-three.

Of course that ignores the fundamental problem that is the list. It is based on statistics that specifically tell the readers that it they are not intended for ranking cities based on crime.

However, that doesn’t stop the propagandists from using them anyway.

Like all propaganda, if it doesn’t produce the result they are after they do not use the list. That is why you reading about this list here and not in the city’s official outlets.

But like all statistics, when scrutinized, the numbers paint a picture that is inconvenient for the city.

Look closely at the crime rates detail.

Did you notice the “assault” metric?

It is higher than the national average. Rapes are also higher than the national average.

Using the same statistics that the “safest” cities lists use and the same metrics that El Paso uses; the numbers do not show a safest city. Instead, assaults and rapes are higher than the national averages.

How does that make El Paso one of the safest cities in the nation?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Oh not to worry, the locals will find some flaw with the study or simply contact some PR firm to find or “arrange” for El Paso to be awarded a Best something title.

    Not an exaggeration. How did cook become the best mayor in the world ? With a little research, there is or was a NY PR firm on retainer.

    Pitiful, with all the law enforcement in one city you would think the criminals would avoid the area.

    This is like people in the entertainment field that are the most handsome or sexiest woman. They get those titles because the agent pulls strings. Hollywood walk of stars are paid by sponsors. There are regular people that stand in back of theaters to fill in empty seats until the celebrity returns. Ever wonder why the awards shows are always packed.

    1. Well Merry,

      Donald would probably blame the illegal Mexicans and point out that a local blogger also had his hands tainted with a scandal of his own and rumors about others. So in essences YISD, Veronica and Perez are contributing to Hell Paso being 37 on the list by enlisting the help of said individual.

    2. Two years ago, 4 rapes were committed in Manhattan Heights in El Paso by an illegal alien/undocumented Mexican national/whatever you want to call him. Bottom line, he was here illegally. He also was wanted for felony violations in Ft. Worth. Who knows how many rapes or murders he committed in Mexico, where his crime can easily disappear in the law enforcement chaos.

  2. It only stands to reason that since the majority is Mexicans that would be the high rate for crimes. Look at the Times, criminals come in all ethnicities and sizes.

    The point is not that are other cities with more or less crime. The point is don’t lie about the city’s standing. Ever hear of stolen valor ? We’re 37 so let’s do better.

    That’s odd for someone to become angry when shown the truth. I suppose it would have been better to continue to live a lie.

    Isn’t it time we stop listening and all the bs that is being disseminated to the public ?

  3. You think Tom Buchino would arrest Jaime Abeytia if he won his election? That might just be what might win his re-election.

  4. Funny how Jaime Champions himself a fellow Union advocate, it’s like a pedafile saying he lives working at a day care.

  5. Vendetta, the police or sheriff could make an arrest, but wil Arizona send someone or will El Paso transport him. Who is willing to pay the transport fees. Most likely no one so he is free to walk around. Now if Arizona knows that he is visiting there, they would pick him up. I’m sure he keeps his visits low key until he is safely out of the state. If I’m not mistaken, he has traffic warrants in New Mexico

  6. Barbara, everyone is entitled to their opinion and Martin doesn’t have a problem and you shouldn’t either

  7. Whys everyone beating around the bush. The “Safe City” slogan is bullshit for politicians to keep getting elected. Did you see Buchino destroy Wiles on tv. No debates, Wiles is too scared and shows he doesn’t have what it takes to make the changes in the Sheriffs office. We need to dump that Wiles asap. Buchino is a real man and will show real leadership, stand up to unions and greed.

  8. If you cared to research before writing this awful article, El Paso is listed as the safest large city in the U.S. All of the cities you mention are under 500K.

  9. “If you cared to research before writing this awful article, El Paso is listed as the safest large city in the U.S. All of the cities you mention are under 500K.” <—– Thank You

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