I am sure much to the surprise of many Donald Trump supporters it appears that Donald Trump is now having second thoughts about his deportation force and his stance on immigration. As you likely know, Donald Trump’s platform on immigration is building a wall on the US-Mexico border and creating a deportation force to deport millions of undocumented immigrants out of the country. A few days ago, Donald Trump shifted somewhat on his immigration rhetoric.

Although the details remain unclear, it seems that Donald Trump now wants to focus his deportation force on the “bad ones.” Trump has not clarified if by “bad ones” he means the Mexican rapists or if he means the immigrants that have criminal records, or both. What seems to be clear is that instead of rounding up an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants, Trump now wants to focus on a few.

Or, maybe not and in fact Donald Trump still wants to build a deportation force to remove 11 million people from the United States. Although the details are sketchy at best, we do know that, that the Donald Trump campaign is shifting its immigration rhetoric from complete intolerance to a more palatable version. How palatable it is remains on who is digesting the latest information.

Regardless, however you look at it, the immigration shift raises two questions.

The first is that many supporters of Donald Trump through the nomination process supported Trump because he was not another politician making promises only to ignore them later and/or the Donald Trump was unyielding on getting rid of the undocumented and shutting down the US-Mexico border.

The question becomes, will these supporters feel betrayed by Trump’s shift on his immigration stance?

The second question is whether this sudden change of heart on immigration policies is the result of Melania Trump’s own immigration story?

Consider that as of the publication date of this post, Melania Trump has yet to conclusively account for how she entered the country in the first place. Other than to insist that she did it the “right way,” Melania Trump has refused to specifically provide details about the visas she used and the corresponding dates of her entering and leaving the country. Melania Trump, although promising to hold a press conference to clarify her immigration papers, has yet to hold the promised press conference.

Melania Trump found herself under fire when her public statements about her visas did not correspond with the public record of her entering, leaving the country and whether she was paid for photoshoots in New York on dates that did not correspond to the visa types she has stated that she held.

Instead of addressing the concerns about her visas, Melania Trump has shuttered her website and has not addressed the controversy head on. The absence of details about her immigration paperwork leaves the notion intact that Melania Trump may have been out of status, undocumented, while she was in the US before she acquired her work visa.

Although there may be a tendency to believe that Melania Trump’s visa status has been distorted it is important to remember that although many questions about how she entered the country have been publicized in many media outlets, Melania or Donald Trump have yet to issue a single cease and desist threat for reporting the questions about her immigration status.

Now contrast that with how Donald and Melania Trump have responded to the news media reports about Melania allegedly being a high-cost escort while dating Donald. At least three news media outlets have been threatened with legal action if they do not retract the escort stories.

There have been no reports of similar threats against the news media for speculating whether Melania Trump may have violated her immigration status during a nude photoshoot in New York.

The lack of legal threats lends credence to the theory that Melania Trump may have illegally accepted work while on a limited visa in the US.

If this proves to be accurate then it would tend to explain why Donald Trump is beginning his shift on the immigration question that led to his nomination.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Actually the shift in position came after a meeting with Hispanics on immigration. And it isn’t much of a shift. It is simply the fact that he is willing to look at a legal status for those who have been in the country more than 15 years and not committed any crimes. His campaign manager further clarified today that they would have to leave the country to re-process and possibly have a waiting period. This isn’t about Melania. It is really about trying to listen to advice from the Hispanic community while enforcing our laws and not rewarding those who came her illegally.

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