The problem with Veronica Escobar and Vince Perez is that they believe that an elected position is a career. That is why they voted themselves a raise. Yes, I know that Veronica Escobar voted against a raise for herself, but that is just a “wink, wink” deal to allow her to say she didn’t vote to give herself a raise next time she runs for office. Andrew Haggerty and Carlos Leon voted against the pay raise. David Stout joined Escobar and Perez in giving themselves a raise.

The political rhetoric from Vince Perez is that a pay raise will attract better candidates to lead the County in the right direction. Like Veronica Escobar, Vince Perez has never worked in the private sector. To both of them, a bigger paycheck is only a vote away. In the private sector, an employee works hard to make themselves valuable to the company and thus they get a raise. An owner, or shareholder looks to generate a larger revenue share through better products, services or by bringing in new customers.

Not so in the public sector. All Veronica Escobar and Vince Perez have to do is play political games and force a tax increase to pad their wallets on the backs of the taxpayers. They have made a career out of working off of the hard work of the taxpayers.

Therein lies the greatest problem, as career politicos the only thing that concerns them is what it takes to get elected into the next office. They make decisions based on that single goal and thus the taxpayers are continually drowning in taxes.

Democracy never intended career politicians. Instead, Democracy encourages representatives providing a service to their constituency, not a political career. The difference lies in that a Democracy principled politician gets elected into office to represent their constituency for a period to ensure the political entity functions as required. The service oriented politico sacrifices their time and salary for a short period of time as service to their community.

Career politicos, on the other hand, develop a mindset that they must make the same amount of money as others while focused on moving on up the political ladder. A career politico does not look to address a community problem, but rather to build support for their next tax-funded paycheck.

Do you still doubt this?

Veronica Escobar, Vince Perez and David Stout pointed to a report that they say shows that they are the least paid county elected officials. What they don’t point to is the real fact that the taxpayers, who pay their paychecks, really care about; what their own paychecks are.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income for El Paso in 2014, their most recent figures, was $40,783. However, here is the most important statistic, the census data shows the most important figure; the per capital income of $18,705. Whether you take the household income, which likely included more than one wage earner, or the per capita income figure, is irrelevant because neither number comes close to what the county commissioners just voted themselves as their next paycheck.

The county judge, already making significantly more than the median taxpayer income, will now be making $102,000. The county commissioners will now be making $89,250, up from $62,680.

The people who will be paying those salaries, the taxpayers are still making significantly less than the politicos that have them mired in taxes.

How is that a representative form government?

It’s not, it is a government of self-serving interests padding their wallets on your backs.

Now you know why El Paso is the way it is – corrupt.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

11 replies on “County Elected Give Themselves a Raise”

  1. Lol, she stated she was “forced” to accept the raise. Really, how stupid she thinks the pubic will buy that bs.

    Forced ? Rescind the raise, donate it to charity, don’t accept it or delay the raise until new commissioners are elected. Let’s see if she is “forced” to keep the raise.

    That was a bs study to provide cover for the raise. First thing we hear is this is El Paso so don’t expect the pay is somewhere else. But, the commissioners get to point at other counties and cry that they are underpaid. Can you do the same ? Want the same as another commissioners MOVE ! Or EARN the salary. Haggerty is one heck of a bs. He abstained, but he agrees they deserve a raise. Lol, bet he deals cards from the bottom.

    Just remember, the people fell for the Hugo Chavez bs of socialism and taking from the rich. Their economy has totally collapsed and the people eat garbage to survive. Not far behind, is Rio. See what the Saviors do for you. They get richer and you get less. Borderland Summit sold you a nice bill of goods. They build the business for the rich along the border. Then ignore the needs of the people that need help in the interior of the country.

    Anywhere else these county idiots would have been fired for inefficiency, incompetence and wasteful. We haven’t forgotten all the scandals. Judge, we will do all we can to stop your re-election or campaign for another position !!

    So why did the give themselves a raise ? Because they can ! They know el pasoans are so stupid that swallow the story and vote for their re-election anyway.

  2. They put a new twist on the meaning of “public servant:” The public is their servant. All that rationale about doing it so young professionals will run for office and it being a tough decision and the job being such a big responsibility is BS. If they hired the consultants to do the study to evaluate all the county employees salaries they should’ve given raises to the employees, and they should’ve excluded themselves to “avoid any semblance of self-serving conflict of interest,” but they didn’t. Compare their pre-raise salaries to that of a public school teacher who works a lot harder than they do and you see the career teacher after 25 or 30 years still doesn’t reach that newbie commissioners’ level of pay. When contracts are awarded, usually our officials look for those low bids in order “to save the taxpayers’ money;” ahhh, but when it comes to their salaries, they say “we should be making as much as others in other counties making much higher salaries.” WHAT HYPOCRISY!

  3. Keep in mind this is the second cushy raise Rscibar gives herself, along with buying swanky furniture for herself. The prior county court had the decency to restrain, but Vero’s bitches, Vince and Stout, know no such decency. Hey, taxpayers gotta pay for those Whataburgers and beer for your dates, right boys. Oh and there’s a wedding coming up you know the creme de la creme will be there to toast Bince and his bride. You and I won’t get an invitation, but we’ll be paying for that and the honeymoon! Disgusting pigs. Hogs at the trough… They illustrate perfectly.

  4. Martin
    Since you would not let me put up the information where people could easily contact their CCC members please do it your self. We have a chance still to change this. Here is how to get these people attention with your help. So Martin step up to the plate and help!
    This week end let’s crash their voice mail at the county that their system can’t handle the citizens complaining. Saturate their e-mails and fax so come Monday morning when they have their next meeting they fully are aware of what the people think of their raise. See they think you guys are just going to roll over and take it. Are they right? Hope not! Tell your friends and family and others to do the same. You have a chance to stand up, and go beyond just whining and complaining on the internet. Time to “Act” people!

  5. Anita
    Please make the call and send an email against this .We now have elptaxguardians who have posted the CCC members tweeter and Facebook account Please every one do your part and act ,we have a chance to change this.We also have another blogger going to post the CCC contact information and others who have agreed to take this to other social media platform. Please get others you know to wake up and act. You can’t wait it has to be done now.

  6. There is a clause in the bill that gives them. 3 days . to refuse the raise, now let’s see who was forced !

  7. Thomas, thank you for getting the CCC contact information put up. I just finished posting my concerns to our leaders.

  8. Very interesting Data! However, I am worried that nobody is looking at the broader picture at what is taking place in the city/county government. It all started with Vince Perez and his helper/buddy Jaime Abeytia. They managed to get Vince elected and then proceeded to spread their roots to take control of the area governing bodies. Vince, with Jaime’s help, would pretend to speak Spanish so as to appear to be local and just one of the people. To get a footing in the city government, Vince had Jaime help him get his girlfreind (Claudia Ordaz) elected as a city representative. Jaime got in a little trouble for being a bad boy with his family and so Vince had to fire him to distance himself from Jaime’s tarnished reputation, but don’t kid yourself, they are still the best of friends and Jaime is still working for Vince, it’s just under the table now. The two of them then got all buddy-buddy with Veronica and helped her with her re-election campaign. They they use Jose Landeros to get on boards and committee, and coach Ordaz on what to say and how to vote. Now they are grooming James Bonneau Montoya (Formally known as James Bonneau) for political office. James has always gone by the surname Bonneau, but Jaime and Vince taught him a page from Vince’s book, to look more “Latino” so Bonneau became Montoya. I now see Bonneau on certain city committees and now fighting to get Ordaz a raise. Very interesting how Vince and Ordaz are padding their pockets as this whole thing moves along. I guess Vince did learn something from his mentor “Old Silver” Reyes! Afterall, Reyes was one of the most abusive representatives as far as using tax payer and donor moneys to line the pockets of him and his family members. My concern is that if El Paso voters do not open their eyes and put a stop to this political takeover, Vince Perez and his cohorts will soon run the entire government of the EL Paso County and City. This pay raise for the commissioners is only the first step in Vincent and Jaime’s plans. Wake up El Paso!!!!

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