Last Tuesday, two incumbent candidates pulled off the unlikely win over their opponents in their respective runoff races. Conventional wisdom holds that incumbents forced into a runoff election are unlikely to keep their office. Jaime Esparza pulled off the unlikely win and remains the District Attorney for El Paso. Although not a candidate for office, Joyce Wilson pulled off a win as well, on the coattails of Jaime Esparza.

There remains unanswered question for the taxpayers of El Paso in regards to $20+ millions of dollars that have been added to the burden borne by the El Paso taxpayers. It all relates to the controversial ballpark spearheaded by Joyce Wilson while she was the city manager. A City directed third-party investigation has demonstrated that the sale of the ballpark bonds was unilaterally delayed by Joyce Wilson. The delay is costing the taxpayers millions in additional interest expenses.

What remains unanswered is whether laws were broken by Wilson’s unilateral action. Among the laws that may have been broken is whether political favoritism was the cause for the delay. Besides the ethics of such an action, the act of the delaying for political purposes would violate Texas laws governing the political process.

In addition to that, there are laws and city policies regarding the fiduciary responsibility of the city manager that need to be explored. Violating the fiduciary responsibilities carry with them civil and criminal penalties.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are other legal considerations that should be explored as well. Because of the convoluted process that the City embarked upon, there is also a question of whether Joyce Wilson acted in the best interests of the private corporation that oversees the City’s interest in the ballpark. These questions, as well, involve civil and criminal laws.

Unfortunately, the questions do not end there as there is also the question of whether federal securities laws, both civil and criminal may have been violated because the activities documented by the City’s Fischer report includes the sale of financial instruments governed and regulated by federal laws.

As you can see, there are many unanswered questions that demand an answer but you are unlikely to get the answers you deserve.

This is because last Tuesday, Jaime Esparza was reelected as the District Attorney.

Jaime Esparza has yet to successfully prosecute one of the many public corruption cases that have embroiled the El Paso politicos over the last decade. When Jaime Esparza was facing the possibility of losing his seat in a run off, he gleefully held a press conference calling for the Texas Rangers to investigate the activities detailed by the Fischer Report.

Except, that Jaime Esparza neglected to tell you one important detail. It doesn’t matter how well documented the Texas Rangers’ case is because ultimately it rests on Jaime Esparza to actually bring the case to the court house.

Just like Ann Morgan Lilly’s assault case, one of two, mysteriously vanished into thin air, so will the Texas Rangers case against Joyce Wilson vanish as well, regardless of their findings.

So, although the Jaime Esparza is the public winner, the real winner is Joyce Wilson.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

7 replies on “Joyce Wilson Won a Victory Last Tuesday”

  1. Gonzalez didn’t win, he lost ! Think about that for a bit.

    He sold his soul, intregrity, reputation. He cashed in with the perv with the publication of insignificant information. Information that was old and was so terrible that it incurred a “one” day suspension. Of all people to become indignant, the perv that minimized showing ports to his daughter !

    That election was stolen via dirty and underhanded politics, NOT best qualified.

    I used to think of Gonzalez as a fellow veteran, NO MORE ! He should walk with his head down in shame.

  2. Shapleigh and Ann Morgan Lilly both had Yvonne Rosales placards on their lawns as did many pe ople in the neighborhood. Beto and Silver Reyes supported Esparza. Confusing. The Slimes supported Esparza and dirtbag Gonzalez. Veronica Escobar supported dirtbag Gonzalez because he stepped up collections a bit. The county is running out of money and she’s trying to forestall the inevitable.

  3. Don’t forget who was the city CFO at the time of the bond sale and should have had the last word on its timing. Now she is in charge of EPISD’s bond sales.

  4. It never ends ! Because the people of El Paso either don’t care, don’t vote or become drone voters.

    She is laughing. Everyone of the political failures was elected. That clinched her win. She knew nothing would or will ever happen to her or the rest. They did so well they picked up a new member, the tax assessor. I suppose can’t beat them, join them. He learned real quick that qualifications mean nothing, it’s the ability to do dirty politics. What a disgrace to the veterans community !

  5. A $20,000,000 unilateral decision should not be taken lightly by El Pasoans. The apathy in El Paso regarding political decisions is shameful. When did we lose our voice? When did we decide it is “ok” for politicians who are to be “good stewards of our tax dollar” to neglect our interest and abuse the use of our hard-earned tax dollars? Those of us who publically and vocally disagree with their bad decisions and question their leadership are called racist, crazy, or incompetent. Let’s kill the messenger rather than listen to the message. We can’t be deterred by their attacks but rather be bold. We must not allow ourselves to get discouraged, stay focused and do what we believe would result in governance for the citizens of El Paso.

  6. Barbara
    No one in El Paso is going to do a damn thing about Wilson. If your think the FBI or Texas Rangers are going to come riding in it ain’t going to happen unless some one in Austin or Washington forces the issues and we know that isn’t going to take place. Now others and you could go for a class action law suit but most in El Paso do not have that kind of money to wage a protected legal war in the courts with the city. Still think your best chance is a SEC complaint.

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