On Monday, April 25, 2016 in my post about Carmen Rodriguez I posted a comment about launching a Chucopedia News facebook-type APP for discussing and sharing news and events about the borderland. Besides the fact that I feel that Facebook has become too bloated with irrelevant posts and not to mention the endless political and other advertising materials clogging my feed, I had been noticing some heavy-handed censorship being applied to the Chucopedia Facebook page. As a result I decided to use my Amitor platform and build the Chucopedia News APP to allow those interested in contributing and sharing news information about the borderland with others without the fear of being censored by and administrator whose sensibilities have been hurt or who unilaterally decides that your opinion does not matter.

Today, I am happy to announce that Chucopedia News is now live and ready for your participation. You can access it directly at, yup that’s and not .com. Click here to go to the site.

Your likely question is what is Chucopedia and what would I like to see it become.

First and foremost is that Chucopedia News is a place to discuss, share and contribute news about the borderland. The second and most important point is that there are no administrators to tell you what’s allowed and what isn’t. You, the membership determines what shows up on your wall every time you visit Chucopedia News.

That’s right, you, the members determine what is relevant for the Chucopedia News page.

You do this simply by participating. Any member of Chucopedia News can share anything they like.

Each member of the Chucopedia News community gets to vote on each posting. You can vote it up or down. The more “up” votes a post gets, the higher it shows up on your feeds. The more “down” votes a post gets, the lower it gets buried into the feed wall until it doesn’t show up again. Each member is allowed only one vote per post.

As you can see, it is you who police’s the new feed, not some ambiguous administrator. To keep the integrity of the votes intact, each of you can view the vote log for each post.

Since it is your community, you get the most out of it by your involvement.

The conversation can be anything you share. For example, you might want to share a news item you saw somewhere, or you might want to discuss something on your mind. Maybe you want to share a picture. Or, maybe you want to post a note on a topic.

Sometimes you don’t have anything to share or notes to write. However, you might want to comment on a post. Chucopedia News allows you to comment on any post. And, like the conversations, the members can vote up or down a comment. Again keeping the site’s conversations relevant to what you feel is important for the online community.

Because I built the Amitor platform that Chucopedia News runs on, I will be adding features each week. On the horizon, I have planned a robust events calendar and surveys and polls.

As a matter of fact, since Amitor is intended as a robust business platform there are features on the APP that would help anyone interested in organizing grassroots efforts or even clubs. There is a built-in membership module that will allow anyone to organize their network. It’s free to use for everyone.

Because Amitor is intended for business use, there is a secure file sharing platform built-in. Much like a Dropbox.

There are many community activists filing open records request with various organizations. The results of these investigative resources are scattered all over the place. Many times, duplicated efforts are created thus costing you and the taxpayers unnecessary expenses.

My plan is to create an open source archive of original source documents that can be accessed by any of the members of Chucopedia News. I will start soon by sharing my archive of open records with the community. I am hoping that some of you might consider doing the same.

Since Amitor allows you to organize your files, you can make some of your files private and others public. Each of your files, plus the community files are searchable by keywords and other metrics. I am hoping that in time we will have built an archive of original materials that are searchable and organized for researchers to use by the community at large.

I look forward to seeing you on Chucopedia News!

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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