Name: David Nevarez
Date of Birth: 05/15/1965 (50)

Education: Unknown
Occupation: disabled combat veteran

Home address:
3424 Fillmore Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79930

Length of time in district: 18 years

Email address:
Telephone: +1 915 772 7583

Campaign Information:
Treasurer: Sandra Nevarez
Campaign address:

Campaign telephone:
Campaign facsimile:
Campaign website:
Campaign social media:

Criminal Charges:
April 6, 2005: Assault causing bodily injury, family violence. Guilty, sentenced to 365 days of Adult Probation plus 80 hours of community service. (20050C04587)
April 6, 2005: Interfering with emergency call, dismissed. (20050C04585)
September 9, 2006: Theft of Property, bad check case, dismissed. (20060C11568)
June 8, 2006: Violation of Protective Order, dismissed. (20060C07814)

David Nevarez wrote on his campaign website that “he founded the City’s Veterans Affairs Committee.” Nevarez frequently appears before city council and the news media advocating for veterans’ affairs.

In regards to his criminal record, Nevarez posted the following via the blog’s Facebook page:
What people don’t know about my private life is I am a divorced father and things being as they are in a divorce such as interference with child custody since 2005 numerous counts to be exact. Myself as a father has and continue to attempt to be a father those attempts have been thwarted over the years. What occurred over spring break was a matter of my oldest son acting out and has every year during this time. My private life is private, I’m involved in the Texas Fathers Rights movement and recently had an audience with the Attorney General himself about the known felonies of interference with child custody that occurs daily and consistently. Only one case has been tried in Texas and that was in Austin.”

Candidates Addresses in Relation to Each Other in the District

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8 replies on “Candidate Dossier: David Nevarez”

  1. He was in Iraq as part of logistics unit in the port. Combat ? Great embellisher and known veterans organizations/VA clinic.

    He did not develop nor founded the city veterans commission. That’s an idea was discussed by several veterans organizations. He did convince city council to create the commission.

    1. I agree. He helped form it but is not the only one as he likes to flaunt it. Just because he is the chair it doesn’t mean he is a valuable asset to that committee. Others do the work and he takes credit for it. That’s what he does.

  2. His “explanation” on FB for his criminal record made no sense to me. Third graders can write better than this.

    Nevarez should be removed from the Veterans’ Commission and Niland should have her feet held to the fire as to why she appointed him when she was so quick to fire her staff member for domestic abuse even though he was never found guilty.

  3. Veteran is not an occupation! Why not just say currently unemployed because that’s what the reality is. Also, he did not form VAAC. It was a joint effort of multiple veterans in this community. He doesn’t do anything for that committee. All the work is done by others but he takes credit for it. Also, his education is quite relevant, where is it?

  4. Formal education is not important. Organizational skills and attention to detail are, both requirements for plumbers, which he is. He could improve his grammar but his ideas are more important. Could be an asset to District 2. I’d give him a chance. Whomever is elected will only serve 1 year until the next election.

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