(This is part 3 of a 5-part series) One of the strongest tools that the corruptors have is intimidation through economic terrorism. They go after your livelihood by pressuring your bosses or your clients. When that doesn’t work, they then use the threat of criminal prosecutions to silence opposition or to bring to heel those that are opposed to them. As I have written previously, siccing a criminal investigation upon someone is the most effective tool the corruptors in El Paso have been using. Anyone challenging the status-quo is first approached with a friendly talk about how it is important for El Paso. When that doesn’t work, the friendly talks turn towards ostracizing the obstructionist personally and economically. When the obstructionist becomes too much trouble then the notion of criminality is assigned to them through investigations, visits by the police department’s “special investigations” unit and carefully released innuendo through useful idiot blogs and Bob Moore’s newspaper. It doesn’t matter whether a crime was actually committed because it is the stigma the corruptors are after. A complacent district attorney allows them to usurp the criminal system in order to bring individuals under control.

I previously wrote that Tommy Gonzalez was being targeted by certain individuals for some reason. Bob Moore, like always, is the blunt instrument that certain politicians use for their public policy agenda. When the public needs to be distracted or there is someone that is obstructing the corruption then public scrutiny involving criminality or corrupt behavior is launched.

I call this “Luther Jonesing” someone. It is based on how Luther Jones was targeted by some individuals and ultimately silenced by being sent away to jail. I am not suggesting that Luther Jones is not a criminal nor that he did not deserve to be jailed. Rather, I am pointing out that Luther Jones went to jail for something that others do as well.

It is the selective enforcement of the law. I have pointed out examples over the years of how the judiciary is selectively deployed for political purposes, so I will not bore you with details today.

What is important to know is that when it is convenient, Bob Moore is dispatched to “Luther Jones” someone. Moore creates the notion that someone or more than one individual is guilty of public corruption through insinuation, whether it is true or not. Sometimes the individual is obstructing the public policy agenda that Bob Moore’s handlers are working on, or sometimes it is someone that is a convenient scapegoat to distract away from the political shenanigans.

The Ross Fisher report has conclusively demonstrated that Tommy Gonzalez was “Luther Jonesed” by Bob Moore.

It was the El Paso Times that harped through many articles about how corrupt Larry Romero was and by association so was Tommy Gonzalez. Bob Moore published an editorial demanding that Tommy Gonzalez be fired even though a previously publicized investigation had not reached its conclusion.

The only thing Bob Moore had was his own paper’s investigation into the actions Tommy Gonzalez took. Based on that, the paper’s editorial board took the position that its evidence was the only thing needed to prove Gonzalez guilty of nefarious acts.

Even after the report showed that Tommy Gonzalez did not take any actions that were unethical, the newspaper has continued to insinuate nefarious action by him.

Bob Moore’s actions have never been about the public good, but rather they are about a public agenda.

Tommy Gonzalez was just a distraction to keep the community distracted from the El Paso Children’s Hospital, the ongoing saga of the jail, the trolleys, the clinics being built on dubious financial models and other community issues of which Veronica Escobar is at the center of.

When the FBI raided the County, it was Veronica Escobar who was dancing a jig in the streets in celebration that her nemesis Anthony Cobos would soon be going to jail. As I have shown you before, Veronica Escobar keeps a list of enemies and I have previously shown you that she is not above using whatever tools are at her disposal to target them.

When you look at the fact that an investigation has demonstrated that Tommy Gonzalez did not do what Bob Moore has accused him of, it is easy to see how Gonzalez was “Luther Jonesed.”

The public perception would be much different today if we did not have the Ross Fisher report. The public perception would be that Tommy Gonzalez is corrupt and therefore he needs to go because Bob Moore’s paper said so. We would not know that the real problem is Joyce Wilson, which Bob Moore religiously continues to run cover even when calling for her to be forthright.

For those that do not believe me, consider the following facts.

Bob Moore demanded the no-holds barred resignation of Tommy Gonzalez based on self-generated accusation of wrong-doing. When faced with the facts, Bob Moore penned an editorial asking for Joyce Wilson to be forthright about who asked her to delay the bonds even though the delay of the bonds is a serious violation of ethics and fiduciary responsibilities at best and criminal at worst. Moore even ends the editorial by writing that Wilson has a “distinguished record” in the community.

Clearly, Bob Moore believes hiding behind an attorney to stymie public scrutiny of a public official is having a “distinguished record.” Bob Jones used to have a distinguished record in the community until he was arrested. Bob Moore told you so in his newspaper. Taken in the context of what I have been disclosing, it then makes perfect sense that Bob Moore sees nothing wrong with Joyce Wilson hiding behind a lawyer while demanding the resignation of Tommy Gonzalez.

It drips in hypocrisy but then again, Bob Moore is the embodiment of hypocrisy especially when it comes to journalism.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Peeling the Onion – Luther Jonesing Tommy Gonzalez”

  1. Gonzalez’s infraction of not reporting $1200 is nothing ! It’s already been proven as Martin states the continuous attacks are a distraction. They want to keep the 20 million, Wilson and the “fixers” off the front page. They also are working overtime to keep the county, the hospital, the “plumbers” plus the perv out of the news.

    Why is there no mention of the fixers identities or why they haven’t stepped forward ? Why is Wilson refusing to reveal the identity of the fixers ? Why is the former mayor denying any discussion with Wilson about the bonds? Why did he suddenly clam up about the stadium and the demolished city hall ? Could there be some truth about rumors that lawsuits were in the making if he did not withdraw his comments ? Why is there no reporting of the total amount that city and county mismanaged ? The combined debt is almost a billion dollars. That amount doesnt include of the legacy pet projects. We have a super sized TV screen, a block wide park that has taken over years and still not finished. They feel a need to build a Mexican museum in a city that is Mexican dominant. Incredible ! Most of us can look in the mirror and see one.

    In the meantime, the region’s infrastructure is a total mess. I suppose the tourist office make that a tourist attraction. Dodge the pothole, find the traffic lanes, avoid the pedristrians at night, count the weeds on public property, guess the location of the scattered city offices, count the number off officials in jail or on the way in this cycle, guess the price (wink) of a vote, name the investigation of the week, find the DA, guess the drone vote to pick the winner. There are many more tourist attractions, too many to list.

  2. Unlike the Jones Boys, Tommy hasn’t done any damage. This is a scapegoating drama to dance around the bond sale delay that did some real damage and that neither Wilson’s supporters or council members who were involved want investigated.

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