When an FBI investigation dubbed Poisoned Pawns was launched it was focused on one individual and his scheme to defraud the federal government of federal dollars. By the time the dust settled, over 25 public officials went to jail or admitted guilt to public corruption. The avalanche started because one individual, Travis Ketner, panicked and ran straight to the FBI to tell them what he knew.

Although several El Paso politicos went to jail for public corruption, the political corruption at the city is far from over. As a matter of fact, I believe it is much worse than it was before. Many El Paso politicians are corrupt. It is part of their psyche that has been ingrained in the city for many years. When the dust settled on Poisoned Pawns, all it did was remove one faction of the corrupt politicos. This ended the stalemate that controlled political corruption via mutually assured destruction.

Currently El Paso is facing three major ongoing scandals that I believe are tied to ongoing public corruption:

1. The $22 million cost to the taxpayers as a result of the delay of the sale of the ballpark bonds.
2. The Children’s Hospital bankruptcy.
3. The ethics complaint filed against Claudia Ordaz for sharing confidential information with Veronica Escobar.

As you look closely at them you might realize a common nexus to all of them. Rather than bore you with a detailed explanation, I thought that today I would just illustrate it for you.

However, it is important that I point out that we have documented $133 million in tax dollars wasted by one person. This is tax monies that did not need to be spent!

Here you go, all you need to know of who is responsible for the ongoing political scandals in the city in one easy to understand infographic:

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

14 replies on “Veronica Escobar is at the Center of El Paso Scandals”

  1. The question to ask is who is pulling hers and the others strings. I actually like the Judge, and I also pretty much agree with what you say.

    1. No stringing pulling. Just good intentions gone bad. Which at that point arrogance kicks in because it cannot be possibly her fault why her good intentions went bad.

  2. Dig deep enough and you will find who is pulling the Politicos del Chuco strings. It’s easy to start looking and which men and families run the Sun City just look at their Campaign contributors and cross reference them with those of the now convicted Politicos. But it’s kind of hard to do when the media outlets are on their team and the legal system has been compromised by the mighty dollar and yes even a federal law enforcement agent and or agency can be manipulated with money.

  3. Ali Enrique tell your sugar mama that her bosses are grooming Vince Perez to be her replacement and soon just like Luther she will be at the center of the next Political Witch Hunt del Chuco.

    1. Who’s my sugar mama? Kathryn Hairston? Norma Chavez? Marisa Marquez? Veronica Escobar (she did email me from time to time? Barbara Carrasco?

      If it were up to me, Naomi Gonzalez would be my sugar mama.



    2. One more thing, all Luther needed to do was disclose the contributions and the fact he was a lobbyist. If he took a few minutes to fill out paperwork, there would be no corruption scandal.



    3. I agree N. Gonzalez is a nice piece of real estate but nevertheless Vero’s replacement is already at her door.

      1. Vince Perez as a County Judge would not be so bad, but if he wants to up his profile he really should run for mayor. For the most part, in urban settings, nobody cares whose the County Judge. The main issue with Perez is the company he keeps. If cut ties with a couple folks, his stock would sky-rocket.

  4. She is definitely in the center of every fiasco. Where there is confusion, double talk and failed policy, you will find her.

    What is being overlooked is that she lies all the time to hide her errors. While that isn’t criminal, what else can it be but untrustworthy. Who knows how many lies haven’t been exposed. She might not profit financially, but her associates ? Reaps the benefits of politicial favors ? She obviously moves things around in order to set herself politically. Is that criminal? Depends on the gain.

    Her failures, although not a direct violation of the law should be. The charge should be stupidity and egomania. Whether. Her activity is criminal or stupidity, the money losses should be enough to have her resign.

    What was done about the manipulation of city council ? Although it was done on “county time and dime”. She gave the perv free rein of the court until she learned of the “well publicized and well known” character and criminal background of the perv. She must have been the only one in the region that didn’t that know of “open secret “. Of course, he is one of the useful idiots.

    Like a cat, she tries to bury her mess in the litter, but the odor that leaks out is very telling.

  5. Queen V. Escobar is one of many nasty progressives who lie and deceive to get an agenda through. This was a great graphic to show the connections of how one nasty person can destroy the economics and trust of a community. The deception of voting seems to elude a lot of people into thinking these criminals have any power. If the results were checked, Escobar really had less than 2% of voting support in El Paso. I really question if that was even 1%. Now, she thinks she can rule over a county and tell how any one of us should lead our lives. These people are nothing short of cartel members using so-called laws to entrap and enslave us into a pattern of servitude. The same goes to the big mobsters Jaime Esparza and Jose Rodriguez. These nasty individuals are the root of the corruption that pinnacled in the 90’s and early 2000, and are currently in positions to allow corruption in the city and county to swiped under the rug. El Paso politics is nasty, but is learned from the best of them at the federal level.

  6. Didn’t Escobar and her friend Susie Byrd used to hook up with the perv? I seem to recall Martin posting some photos and messages about it.

  7. I believe that more attention should be paid to the individual(s) behind the curtain. We are quick to throw stones at our leaders, yet we are reluctant to see them as the persons we elected; they are true leaders of our city. Mr. Perez and Mrs. Escobar are upstanding citizens of our community and I for one am glad to see them in their current positions. The fault that they both have, is that they are too trusting of people, especially those that are quick to offer advise. We need to concentrate our efforts on those working behind the scene, especially the “king makers” who will throw anybody under the bus to achieve their goal. Look behind the curtain.

  8. Leaders ? That’s a verry loosely used definition of what is in office. Too trusting? They’re the ones doing the manipulation at all levels. Their “leadership” has costed the region millions in loss taxes.

    The hospital is a perfect example of their failed policy and decisions. They tout in the press how great everything us going along there . Yet they ignore the bigger issue that’s the fraud committed in order to milk the federal government. They discuss the penalties, prosecution, repayment of the monies obtained under fraudulent circumstances, name the culprits that committed the fraud or the “behind the curtains” scheming to get the Feds to not punish anyone or vcollect the monies. The sales pitch is if the county is prosecuted, the hospital will lose money that could be used for children. Now, ain’t that sweet ?

    The Feds need to dig deeper and aggressively prosecute. Shake the tree and I bet a lot of “leaders” will fall out of the tree.

    The “leader” Vince was involved in the scheme to manipulate city council to increase political power.

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