Judicial Watch prides itself as a conservative foundation fighting for “accountability and integrity in law, politics and government,” but apparently integrity with facts is not part of its repertoire. Like all other self-serving organizations looking to line their pockets with gullible supporters, Judicial Watch does not let a little thing like facts get in the way of its money making operations. Apparently, the hypocrisy of ignoring facts while defending values and integrity is just another inconvenient truth for them.

As I expected, scapegoating immigrants, is the tool being used by most of the presidential candidates to garner votes in their quest to the US presidency. And just as I expected, distorting the facts and sensationalizing the dangers of terrorism is part of their political arsenal. Unfortunately, we immigrants allow ourselves to be used as cannon fodder because we do not engage politically. We remain silent for many reasons, some valid but most frequently because of our fear or the unwillingness to raise our voices against the rhetoric. Knowing this I resolved to do my best to correct the record as often as I can until the next US president is elected.

On Friday, a Google advertising appeared on my blog with big bright letters asking me to click to “Stop ISIS at the border.” The sensationalized headline further perpetuates the lie that radical Islamic terrorists have used the US-Mexico border to mount terrorists’ attacks against the United States.

The fact is that the US-Mexico border has not allowed a single ISIS attack against the United States.

Organizations like Judicial Watch love to argue that their focus is to prevent a potential attack routinely arguing that just because it hasn’t happened it won’t happen in the future. Their petition asks the viewer to sign the petition to “tell President Obama to Stop ISIS and secure the border NOW!”

The problem is that the facts prove otherwise.

The radical jihadist terrorism scare in the United States is a direct result of the 9/11 attacks. For the first time, US citizens knew what it was to be attacked on their homeland. Unfortunately for the xenophobes that want the US-Mexico border sealed is the simple fact that not one 9/11 terrorists entered the United States through the US-Mexico border.

Regardless of this fact, the obvious retort from the xenophobes is likely that the danger lies in future attacks.

So, let’s look at the facts.

Of the 94 terrorism charges filed in the United States against radical jihadists between 1997 and 2015, only two entered through the US-Mexico border. But here is the more important fact, the vast majority of those charged with radical jihadist terrorism are US citizen by virtue of being born as US citizens. Not only were they born in the United States, but they were raised in the country that they plotted against.

These are facts that dispel the myth that the US-Mexico border is a conduit for radical Islamic terrorism in the United States.

For those that hold to the notion that it could happen someday, I ask them the simple question, what about the US citizens intent on attacking the United States internally? Do they not merit the same scrutiny and safeguards that proponents of sealing the US-Mexico border want?

Of course not because xenophobes are not interested in facts but in keeping people, like me, out of their country. That is the truth that Judicial Watch’s petition is asking visitor to sign for.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

One reply on “Judicial Watch Lies About Immigrant Terrorism for Money”

  1. One only needs to look at the southern Mexican border and the open borders in Europe to determine if controlled borders are a good idea.

    It has nothing to do with racism or money. It just makes sense to know who is coming and their purpose.

    Every country has their share of extremists and in many cases they are under surveillance or investigation. But, again that doesn’t have anything to do with being racist.

    Open borders are a thing of the past regardless of the country. People no longer travel on horseback actress borders. The political climate and goals have changed. Why do you think the Great Wall was built or the Maginot line was built ? It was to keep out undesirables out.

    To semi-quote Regan, Mexico tear that wall ! Europe tear down the walls and fences ! If it’s good enough for everyone else, it’s good for the U.S.

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