Today’s blog is about El Paso the ineptitude. The ineptitude oozes so thick that it only takes a few words to point it out. What is even worse is that there is not one example but two examples in one day! Imagine, in a normal community there may be one or two examples of ineptitude in a month, but in El Paso the ineptitude is so thick that it keeps my blog alive on a daily basis.

The Recall That Wasn’t

Let’s start with the recall that never was. In probably the fastest recall ever recalled, Adam Gurrola filed his intend to recall Larry Romero on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning he had a change of heart. All we know is that he isn’t talking to anyone about why he changed his mind. Many voters are upset about the boy that cried wolf.

Only in El Paso can such ineptitude exist, oh wait, unfortunately I have one more.

Bob Moore Makes Up News

In his never ending quest to cow tow to the politicians that he serves, Bob Moore runs out and prints stories that have no basis of fact but rather are just marching orders given to him by politicians looking to massage the public message in their favor.

The latest example is Bob Moore rushing a report stating that Andy Krafsur will be allowed to serve on the new El Paso Children’s Hospital board, if he were to be nominated. This is a reversal to the original clause on the joint plan that specifically barred Krafsur from being appointed to the new board.

Gleefully, Veronica Escobar and UMC officials were quoted in Moore’s piece making a statement of fact based on individuals unwilling to go on the record. Absent in Moore’s piece was a very basic journalistic requirement, information from the other side of the issue. Guess what, El Paso Children’s Hospital officials weren’t commenting.

However, that did not stop Bob Moore from trying to make Veronica Escobar, his puppeteer, look good with self-serving comments making the children’s hospital board into the impediment to the success of the hospital. Veronica Escobar has a political problem on her hands and that is the huge taxes that are about to imposed on the taxpayers of the community. And therefore she needs a scapegoat in order to blame others for the chaos she was instrumental in causing.

Of course Bob Moore got caught.

As you can clearly see on this Facebook screen capture, Bob Moore is called out by one of El Paso Children’s Hospital Board member’s, Kristen Cox. Moore tries to back pedal but the fact remains that the Krafsur clause is still in the proposed reorganization plan.

Instead of retracting, like a professional news media organization would do, Bob Moore doubles down and publishes a piece blaming the children’s board again.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “The Boys That Cried Wolf”

  1. Ineptitude isn’t the only problem, it’s selling your soul and values. Let’s tell like it is, It’s STUPIDITY.

    The officials and media are stupid and since they feel superior they believe the public is as stupid as they are. Who knows maybe they’re correct. Just take a look at the drone voters. Tell them to vote for a turd and they will do it. Even worse they will fiercely attack anyone that doesn’t agree.

    Adam, was it the thirty pieces of silver ? Only he knows and he ain’t talking. the decision to drop the recall just killed his political future. We don’t need another Ordaz on city council.

    The Times can’t decide if it wants to report the faux news, be a proganda sheet or a comedy mag. I can’t tell which because their proganda is so stupid it is comical. We know for sure it doesn’t report news, well faux news, yes.

    As for the judge and her gonadness dwarfs, well they are well on the way to earning the title of the most stupid people since city council was sworn in. They can’t get their bs together. Can’t even tell a good lie without screwing that up. Why they believe that we don’t know or forgot they owe the Feds some serious money. How many strings were pulled to quash an investigation and indictments? Oh, before we forget get some crackers for Ordaz and prune juice for Adam. Add to the list, knee pads for the gonadness dwarfs, they do more knee work than isis when the judge walks into the room.

    The county and city are so stupid, they still can’t figure out why El Paso is avoided by professionals and families. Try reading real news outside the county and that will be an obvious clue for the clueless.

  2. So, has there been a money trail or quid pro quo trail between the El Paso Times, KVIA, and the main players within and outside the city of El Paso and El Paso County? Seems like a narco town as it is described is a good example to describe the type of activities that go on in El Paso.

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