As I have been writing, from the moment it was finally proved that the El Paso Children’s Hospital is financially unfeasible, it will be your taxes that will keep it operational. In 2007, Veronica Escobar and her supporters promised you that the children’s hospital would never be a burden to the taxpayers. She, along with the proponents, told you that the Kurt Salmon Study proved that the finances were feasible. What they didn’t tell you is that the study was manipulated to use a questionable Medicaid scheme to move monies around so that they can show that children’s made economic sense.

In essence, you were scammed, and like all scams, the truth eventually emerges. That is why Ponzi schemes eventually get exposed.

What they didn’t count on was the federal government catching on to the scheme that many others were using and thus they changed the rules. Conveniently, Escobar and cohorts, ignored the fact that Medicaid was still tax funds, albeit federal ones. Regardless, it didn’t matter because the El Paso Children’s Hospital was always based on a dubious financial model that would be considered a Ponzi scheme in the normal world.

From the onset, Veronica Escobar and cohorts have been relying on “it’s for the children” mantra to keep the scam in place. It worked in the 2007 bond election and will work again now that it has become evident that the taxpayers have assumed the operations of children’s.

Make no mistake, it is still wrapped around the “it’s for the children” mantra, sprinkled with “we saved the hospital for the community” and followed with a financial plan derived from make-believe numbers that only a creative accountant can decipher into positive numbers. As the mafia declines, the creative accountants go to work for the government sector.

In the end there is one undeniable fact, the pediatric Medicaid funds that were originally used by Thomason, now UMC, will now have to be split among UMC and children’s. They are unlikely to increase and thus the taxpayers are now saddled with supporting not only UMC but also the children’s hospital. In addition to the 2007 bond, you will now be supporting two boards, two hospitals and two sets of medical staff.

The last one is the reason that the children’s doctors are adamant against being absorbed by UMC. They want to focus on pediatrics and not have to support UMC doctors in medical services.

That is the fact that “it’s for the children” and “we saved the hospital” will conveniently ignore as the back-slapping and cheers are exchanged among all of those that were involved in the original scam.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Taxes Will Pay for the Children’s Hospital”

  1. Escobar told us to go to hell and in the usual El Paso reaction, many are running to pack. Cheering and laughing. She and her eunuchs have fooled the public. Conviently not mentioning the federal fraud. Regardless of what we’re told by them, stepping in dog poop does not enhance shoes nor smell good.

    Trust me, they aren’t doing anyone favors, they are manipulating the media to hide the fraud and consequences of that fraud. Just because we don’t hear or read about it doesn’t mean it will go away. However, don’t forget the local legislators are busy calling in favors to quash the investigation and eliminate repayment of illegally obtained funding.

    If you still think she walks on water, you’re in denial. What happen is criminal in nature. The two board members that confessed didn’t hatch the fraud alone. The investigation needs to continue. Then indict and prosecute to send the message that NO it is not ok.

  2. The only thing you got wrong was the motivation for two entities. It isn’t to avoid adult workload. In a combined entity, EPCH would have to compete for financial resources in an environment where actual utilization determined where investments were made. It is much easier to convince an independent board to continue to throw money into this unsustainable plan. We should shut down. But, this being El Paso, instead we’ll burden the taxpayers. Wish some folks would go to jail or become unelectable over this, but that’s unlikely.

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