Apparently, I have a knack of upsetting many individuals that read my blog for many different reasons. Obviously, upsetting politicos is part of the blogging game. That comes with the territory. Upsetting readers is something a blogger does not like to do because it is the readers that keep the blog going. However, upsetting readers periodically also comes with the territory as blog readers come from different perspectives and sometimes the topics I cover is upsetting to some of you.

I was once told that my type of blogging is dangerous because I do not have a filter. That may be true because I write about all topics without worrying about who it might upset. However, I am a little taken-aback by a reader that regularly complains about my lack of grammar skills. Some of you may have seen the comments by John Dungan on here and on Facebook. No, I am not breaking any confidences because Dungan uses his own name publicly when he posts. By the way, I very much appreciate those of you that attempted to tell John Dungan to focus on the content rather than in the writing.

The fact is that I am terrible writer. I know that and I had many teachers tell me that my grammar is awful in both languages. Some of you remind me of that regularly. I never intended to be a writer. I am an engineer who has focused on the technology sector for many years. As a child, I wanted to be a pilot and I had no intention of doing anything other than that. I accomplished my goal of becoming a pilot and flying some of coolest airplanes. However, God had different plans for me and after years of flying, I ended up consulting in the technology sector.

I started writing my blog as a result of a corrupt newspaper, the El Paso Times, and its editor deciding that targeting me was politically expedient for Bob Moore’s political team. I continue to write because the more I learn about the El Paso corruption the more I feel it needs to be exposed.

My blog is a hobby, albeit as a result of a corrupt newspaper. It is not my business nor does it generate much income for me. Although some you have been very generous in your support of my blogging activities. My priorities are Landon (he writes better than I do), nine years old and amazing me daily, and my wife. That is followed by two cats and two guinea pigs. Those are followed by my business that coincidentally pays the bills for my blog.

After that, I create content for my blog.

Sometimes I have the luxury of taking the time to research the material I am writing about and the necessary time to write and proof read the article I intend to post. Most of the time I do not have the luxury of taking my time to produce the best work possible. Yesterday’s article is the perfect example; I was faced with a child needing homework help and clients needing me to produce something so that I could bill them.

By the time I was ready to write my article it was late at night. I literally wrote the article, created the accompanying graphics (post and social media versions) and posted the article in thirty-minutes.

Besides the writing, the research, the open records filings and the graphics work, I must scrutinize each of my posts to make sure I am not breaking any laws, or writing something that would give grounds for a lawsuit. All of that takes time.

Could it had been better? Most definitely. Was it my best work? No.

However, in the blogosphere readers expect you to keep a consistent posting schedule. Each reader wants and deserves unique, relevant content and the best work possible.

It takes years to attract a reader and one or two posts to send them all away forever. A blog lives and dies by its readers.

I am writing this today for two reasons and the reasons have nothing to do with excuses but rather as (1), an explanation and (2) as a result of running into another deadline with hours to spare before my publishing deadline of midnight. Today’s article was supposed to be another episode of the Proteus Files video set but I am having some computer issues that has made that impossible for today.

All of you support me through your readership, your donations and the information most of you send me my way.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Without you, there would be no blog.

Even John Dungan is a reader I appreciate.

He is correct in that there are grammatical errors on my blog. Fact is that I am too old to learn proper writing skills. Should I strive to do better? Most definitely because you all deserve it.

Believe it or not, I have made changes to my writing by the comments and criticisms some of you have sent my way. Keep sending them as I do learn from them.

A few of you have offered your talents and time to help me by editing my writing.

Unfortunately, the topics I cover are extremely fluid and my priorities do not allow me the time to write my article and submit it to you to edit it for me. Many times, I am writing a post on an extremely tight schedule.

Would I continue to write if El Paso magically stopped being corrupt?

Of course I would because there are so many more topics that I want to comment about that I will likely write until my fingers fall off and I do not have the voice to dictate to the computer.

However, I do not have a monopoly on getting the information out about the political shenanigans that I write about. I have written previously and will remind John Dungan and others that what I write about, you all can write about it as well. I have even created a free blogging site that anyone can use to post blogs about any topic. Newsies (link) is linked to my blog so it has the built-in search engine optimization of my readership to bring attention to whatever a blogger wants to write about.

Politicians are allowed to get away with what they do because we all get distracted with side issues that distract from the central problem. They rely on that. My writing might be terrible but the fact is that I make some of you think about certain topics because I bring up things that are whispered about and no one wants to put their name to them.

Anyone can do that and I invite everyone to try it out, if they like.

As for John Dungan’s problem with my writing, I invite him to take what I expose and make it better.

The bottom line is that corruption only ends when it is exposed. I encourage anyone that wants to expose it to do so. In the meantime, I intend to continue writing, exposing and sometimes making some of you extremely uncomfortable. I will likely continue to make grammatical mistakes and may be even some factual mistakes but in the end, I believe that the corruptors fear my blog and that is why I continue to write.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

14 replies on “A Reader is Upset About My Grammar”

  1. Ignore the guy, he doesn’t write as good as he thinks. He also criticizes comments.

    What he really wants is control and people that agree with him.

    Get your own blog and leave us alone.

    1. I may not write as well as I think, but what does my own opinion of my own writing have to do with the price of tea in China? And, what in the world did I say – ever – to give you the idea that I “want control?” Control of what, exactly? I have my own blog, fyi, and if you do not like what I comment, you do not have to read it, you know. I criticize comments? Gee, isn’t that what you’re doing? So, how does that make you better than I? At least I am not hiding behind a pseudonym.

  2. I appreciate the time, money and effort Martin puts forth that we might awaken from our slumber, think about what the reality of our city is and become motivated enough to do or say something. The topics he covers are very disturbing but we, the voters, must take a stand either way. We can continue with the status quo or we can take a stand, address the issues as best we can and attempt to make change in a city swarming with deceit, corruption, self-interest and disrespect for the voter.

  3. It’s Team Escobar-Perez & El Paso Inc behind this. As I have read several bloggers all of you have grammar errors. Now when you have a guy that writes in Spanglish like the self proclaimed Lower Valley Voice Abeytia criticize you now that’s not only funny but fucken comical. I don’t pay attention to grammar errors but the content. You guys want to learn who is corrupt just look at Jaime’s blog as to who he praises everytime. Sure from time to time he praises someone that is not aligned with their agenda but that’s a smoke screen. You want to beat Team Escobar-Perez run the same smear campaign Jaime runs. Expose Jaime’s past in mailouts on one side then on the otherside put the politicians he works for. I heard through the grape vine that Jaime was kicked out of the Military, can anyone confirm that? As far as the Times couldn’t agree more with you.

  4. I have noticed that Jaime is a fan of the show “House of Cards,” I am curious if he truly believes he is El Paso’s version of Francis Underwood. If this is the case then those politicians that he is aligned with currently should be cautious because Jaime is just buying time using them to clean his image up and when he feels confident enough he will most likely try to run for a small office to test the waters. Maybe there is a reason why he is manipulatin the good people of the Lower Valley (Socorro, San Elizario, Clint, Fabens). Let’s face it the people down there vote on chisme and not merits.

    Doug Stamper

  5. Martin, your grammar is not that bad. Hell, look at EP Times! They’re much worse. You could be more succinct, however, and keep it shorter.

  6. A lot of the errors we see can be attributed to the auto spell check.

    As for length, don’t agree. These topics are important and should provide as much information as possible.

  7. Good morning and thank you for sharing your thoughts. You do your best, keep doing it. May God bless you and your family.

  8. Martin, I think I detect an improvement today. Obviously, I touched a nerve, not only for you, but for a few other folks as well. I do respect what you are trying to do, and I hope that my comments on Facebook the other day did not detract too much from what you do. Actually, I made my comments there, rather than here, because I didn’t want to distract from your actual blog. I apologize to you if I was harsh in my criticism, but not to anyone who chooses to attack me without having the courage of their convictions (anyone who uses a pseudonym instead of his/her real name, when offering anonymous comments).

  9. It’s obvious, you knit pic every blog,whether it’s Martin or someone else. We are more concerned with context instead of grammatical errors. Then you don’t like the topic.

    You are trying to control by molding blogs as you see fit. Then with an air off arrogance proclaim that Martin has improved. As though you forced or controlled a change.

    These are blogs, not a spelling bee or essay contest nor a thesis to be graded.

    Now you think you have creditability because you post your name? Now not being satisfied with topic, grammar you want to control names.

    1. For the Pot and Kettle person, whoever you may be: Well, little boy, just call me the puppet master, then, since you are apparently the only one who feels my control.
      Now, here ya go: the proper term is nitpick, not knit pic. You say that you (I presume you are speaking on behalf of all other readers) you say you all are “more concerned with context instead of grammatical errors.” Is that right? Well, without grammar, how does one grasp context?! Perhaps you meant to say, content, instead. Perhaps you might benefit from use of a dictionary as well. You see, all I strive for in my writing is to follow the lessons I was taught many, many years ago, when English was required in the public schools (obviously, a lot of years before you ever went to school). You go ahead and enjoy being controlled by me, and I will try to be sensitive to your needs.

  10. You want to be in control that’s what frustrating you. Only in your mind are a literary genius.

    Lil boy, ok old crabby woman. Tit for tat, now weren’t you the one that was supposed to never return to this blog because you can’t stand name calling.

    Eat my dictionary!

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