As you know, city representatives discussed ethics yesterday at city council. The issue of Larry Romero’s streets was glossed over with Romero remaining quiet during the discussion. Claudia Ordaz, for her part, took the opportunity to take back control of the discussion. Ordaz used the opportunity to drive home the point that she set precedent into how city representatives can make their personal phone available to public scrutiny.

Ordaz pointed out that the software she used can be used to retrieve deleted text messages from mobile phones. Claudia Ordaz asked that the city attorney look into making the software available to city council representatives for text retrieval from their personal phones. Ordaz also asked if the city attorney’s office would provide help in identifying those text messages that are public property and those that are private in nature. Claudia Ordaz stated that she spent an inordinate amount of time going through her text messages to see which were public information.

The city attorney reminded city council that they had agreed, as a council, to not use personal devices to conduct city business on. They are supposed to send any inadvertent messages they receive to the city. The city attorney reminded them that if they “write it down” it becomes a public record. The city attorney also related that David Crowder, who writes for the El Paso, Inc., has been criticizing the city for “over releasing” information to the public.

I am not exactly sure what Crowder’s thinking is, but there you have it.

Claudia Ordaz also related the she received a new open records request from KFOX asking for more texts for another time window.

Michiel Noe, who posted the original agenda item, stated that a “city representative” was demanding that security allow an individual to park in the reserved parking area. Noe, also stated that a “city representative” was going directly to the human resources department asking for information about city employees. Noe did not identify the city representative.

If Noe’s allegations are substantiated then it brings up troubling questions about a city representative violating ethics and possibly the law. Noe did not identify the city representative, although, he seemed to know who it was. This, in itself is wrong because Michiel Noe made the allegation but did not name the city representative he was referring to, leaving a bunch of innuendo about corruption but nothing to back it up with.

A city staff member confirmed that security was being called by a city representative demanding that someone be allowed to park in a reserved area. The human resources department and the city attorney stated that the issue of a city representative calling HR for employee information was not as “bad” as it sounded. However, they pointing out that the process was being bypassed.

In the end, Michiel Noe, rather than putting to rest the notion of corruption at city hall, added to the intrigue by stating that a city representative was demanding parking for someone and that another, or possibly the same city representative, was going directly to human resources.

No substantive action was taken on the item, although a lot of pontificating was postured by some of the city representatives.

A Big Blog Day for Me

Today is a big day for me in the national political realm. Obviously, the most obvious, for some of you, is that today I celebrate my country’s Independence Day. For those of you interested in knowing more about Mexico’s Independence Day and the significance of the Grito you might want to take a quick look at the following video. Know everything you ever wanted to know about Mexico’s Independence Day in less than five minutes.

Tied in with Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations is the upcoming GOP debate scheduled for later tonight. I fully expect the immigration issue to be part of the debate. I am prepared to begin retorting some of the expected distortions that will likely be perpetuated by the politicians.

Look for my commentary on the GOP debate later this week.

¡Viva México!

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Michiel Noe Innuendo”

  1. I wouldn’t jump up and give Ordaz a standing ovation. What she did and her cohorts is absolutely dirty. As the saying goes ” too late to close the gate when all the horses are out”. The only reason she is cooperating now is to save her neck. Hoping she can get everyone to forget.

    She and her cohorts betrayed their oath of office and the peoples’ trust. And to do the inexcusable which was to allowed herself to be used by a con. Association with the con is as though one was sprayed by a skunk. What obsession with the con is beyond comprehension. These people are supposedly intelligent and people of intregrity. Yet the city and county give him free rein of their offices. Perez is a joke having the nerve to appear on TV to discuss Ethics. Let’s have the former state judge explain judicial conduct.

    The quiet ones don’t get off the hook by saying nothing. Now is the time to heard! Silence is a strong indication of approval or a lack of courage.

    DR Noe is at least raising a bit of dust by exposing some of the sense of entitlement exhibited by the elected. Give us some names, expose of it. Show us there is at least one official with a conscience. And understands their duty to uphold the law. Election doesn’t come with immunity and special treatment. Why hasn’t anyone investigated all the freebies they receive. Why are they entitled to box seats at sports events or free and reserved seats at other events ? I am pretty sure the box seats are above the limit for grifts. Why are they entitled to special parking at the airport ? Don’t tell me it’s always official business. Didn’t city council state no cell phones while driving and the police should not be above the law. ? Really ?

    Why hasn’t Ann Morgan’s case been adjudicated, what happen to Robinsons traffic violations ? Why was an investigation of alleged coverup of special treatment for DUI? Why does the DA stay silent while serious allegegations are made made. I would think there is a responsibility to investigate to end the accusations or prosecute.

    The Times has forfeited its duty to be a guardian of democracy by ignoring all that has occurred. The Inc made a half ass effort to report the shenanigans just to cover their own ass.

  2. At a wider level, this shows that CC does not know how to manage itself in a CM form of government, nor does the mayor know how to lead CC. They are all sitting around thinking to themselves, “Now what do I do after the supermarket ribbon-cutting.” So, instead, they come up with their little dramas to entertain themselves and the public. Really, Norma should run for CC. She’d fit right in.

    Leeser could be formulating policy and orchestrating its discussion and development by the CC, except some blogger would criticize that as front running the CC meeting , violating the Open Meetings law. Then, too, the CM form ties his hands as he has no staff other than the attorney and has to initiate anything thru the CM just like CC does.

    So they can’t talk to city managers about issues relevant to their districts but have to wait for the CM to tell them what is happening in response to their questions. Why do we even need a mayor and CC?

    I’m sure there are cities where the quality of elected officials is such that they can maneuver in a CM form of government, but that is not our CC.

  3. A smoke screen Ordaz and Noe are on the same team, Jaime ran both their campaigns. Their stance on certian city agendas are calculated and at time meant to deceive the public.

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