It seems I can never catch a break about having to write about the ongoing corruption in El Paso. I was hoping to focus on national politics today, but unfortunately, here we go again. El Paso politicians are on another tax swindle and as is typical with a corrupt society they enlist questionable characters to sell the scam to the taxpayers. Enter center stage, El Paso’s own, Jaime Abeytia, who continues to be on a quest to useful idiot stardom.

Some of you may remember that back in October of 2003, the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) went before the voters with a $207 million bond proposal. Back then, a former radio talk show host was involved as a proponent of the EPISD bond. His involvement resulted in serious allegations of extorting EPISD vendors for money for a bond media blitz.

Like today’s Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) bond problems, EPISD, had its initial bond rejected by the El Paso taxpayers. The general sentiment was that the voters did not trust the school district. As a result of that bond failure, EPISD retooled its bond request and launched a media blitz to convince voters to vote for it. The former radio talk show host sent a letter to EPISD vendors (link) asking for a $5,000 contribution for the media blitz. EPISD vendors felt “extorted” by the letter.

As you know, in 2012, EPISD’s superintendent, Lorenzo Garcia was arrested for public corruption.

Today, YISD’s superintendent, Xavier de la Torre, is trying to convince Ysleta voters to support a $430 million bond, after his $451 million bond proposal failed in May of this year. As a result of the May failure, De La Torre created a Bond Advisory Committee, “tasked with helping the district move forward in its plans to repair, renovate, and rebuild” the district’s schools.

Among the members of the 2015 Bond Advisory Committee for the YISD Bond 2015 is none other than Jaime Abeytia. Yes, the very same Jaime Abeytia, who is currently on criminal probation, has been enlisted to promote the YISD bond.

I’ll let you swallow that for a moment before I go on.

Like the EPISD 2003 bond, YISD is launching a media blitz to convince voters.

David Karlsruher, Ali Enrique Razavi and I have been documenting on our blogs how Abeytia uses his blog to promote those that pay him advertising money. As a criminal on probation, Jaime Abeytia is in the desperate need to convince individuals to give him a job.

I am sure you can all connect the dots as to where this is all going, so I won’t bother.

However, I do need to point out some other things you should consider as you digest this.

On March 2014, Xavier de la Torre was appointed the superintendent for YISD. He had abandoned the Santa Clara County school district two years into a four-year contract. Former Santa Clara employees described de la Torre’s tenure at Santa Clara as “an atmosphere of fear and secrecy,” two qualities that almost always involve entities mired in corruption.

Prior to going to Santa Clara, de la Torre was the superintendent for the Socorro Independent School District (SISD), from 2009 through 2012. Socorro officials were mentioned in the same allegations of improperly reclassifying students that led to EPISD’s board suspension.

Unfortunately, it gets worse for you, the taxpayer. Like EPISD, Ysleta is also facing a declining student body. As a matter of fact, YISD is at 72% capacity and student attendance continues to drop.

Obviously, Xavier de la Torre isn’t looking for solutions but instead is looking to relieve you of more of your money. As a matter of fact, he makes no secret of it.

I realize it is hard to hear, but what De La Torre is telling teachers and staff during a meeting in May 2015 is “I will take care of you and our children. Someone else can worry about the taxpayers.”

There you have it, plain as day.

Now you know why useful idiot, Jaime Abeytia is on the YISD Bond 2015 Bond Advisory Committee.

Sit back and watch as Abeytia scrambles to make sure he gets some of the media blitz money to hoodwink the Ysleta voters.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

9 replies on “YISD Bond Scam and Jaime Abeytia”

  1. I can’t believe it ! What is it gonna take to realize everything Abeytia touchs turns to sh– and like a skunk once he sprays you, that’s it. Tainted goods. Mere association with him is to ruin your reputation and creditability.

    These have to be some of the most stupid people in the world.

    The bond initiative just lost creditability. I will not be involved with anything greasy lips touchs.

  2. This election is about $450 million.
    We would expect the Advisory committee members to be citizens of integrity and for them to expect the same of all the other members.
    We would expect YISD to vet these individuals to avoid potential problems for the bond election.
    Being of integrity, the members would not mislead the public.
    For instance, when Mr. Abeytia has many times claimed to live in the Lower Valley; yet the County Elections department list his address and polling place up by Tierra Del Sol school…….that’s the Montwood/George Dieter area. Or maybe the County Elections Department is 5 years behind in updating voter information.
    Maybe it does not matter much since not every member of the committee lives in the YISD area anyway.
    But when someone publicly claims to live in a certain precinct and vote in that precinct …but not really?
    And they allow such a person to serve on a distinguished committee.
    YISD maybe didn’t bother to vet the integrity of the members on the Bond Advisory Committee.
    Maybe because when 75 people are on 1 committee then it really isn’t a committee. It’s a marching band.

  3. Notwithstanding the fact that this is an uneducated ignoramus, it’s astounding that The lack of personal integrity, the checkered criminal past and all around shadiness of this scumbag apparently seems to not bother so-called education and community leaders. But guess if they don’t care that this man has no scruples about sharing pornography with children (his own) and publicly besmirching their mother, that’s nothing. Nice character to advocate for children.

  4. Speak Truth to Power-
    Jaime should start with speaking the truth. Jaime Abeytia is a two bit liar and a fraud. The guy who would accuse candidates and elected officials of being a “vendido” or sell out is now selling his support for a few dollars to “maintain” his blog. The guy has no shame or integrity. The guy stated that he forwarded his ex-wife’s e-mails to himself for proof for when he filed for divorce. But we all know he is a scum bag who never married his common law wife. The walking turd lived off of her and her family. She worked at a call center to provide for the family while he would cheat on her with a female who would come in from Phoenix and then turn around and blame his co-host and ride for getting home late. I cant say it enough times. Jaime Abeytia is a opportunistic piece of trash.

  5. Most of you do no want to admit the really problem that school districts across El Paso county went in debt and built schools, they could not afford to maintain, for the influx of Mexican students from across the border. Especially YISD. The influx is no longer there for what ever reason. Many of you were willing to cover the cost of this influx to the mantra it’s helping the poor downtrodden peoples. Now the chickens have came home to roost (debt) your no so much into supporting the local kids on this side of the border so much any more because it’s really starting to cost you.
    As to Jaime he is not different than Martin, David K ,Max and other bloggers out there, they all have an agenda to support, an ax to grind,political factions, and interest in El Paso and the county who’s butts they powered to gain some favor or support to what their preaching at any given time. Hey they are all partisan to some degree.

  6. There is a major difference between the other bloggers and greasy lips.

    They are not convicted of corrupting the morals of children and causing the children long term scarring by using their mother’s indiscretions to brainwash them. No matter what you DONT do that your childrren! That is absolutely disgusting. He’s on probation when he should be doing time. That POS had the same idiots that had him appointed to this board get him off light.

    The members of this board should remove him from the board immediately. The message they’re sending is they’re ok with immoral and shameful scum. It’s ok to have corruption of children’s moral as history. This scum couldn’t get a school pass or job with the schools but YOU want him on a board that determines school policy. How stupid can you be ?

    I review the list and am left with dismay, shock and low opinion of the members. I can’t believe that not one has protested and demanded he be removed. And you want people to move El Paso ? Perhaps that why the Times has not published the names. Fear that the outside would learn about the kind scrum that appointed to public boards.

    At least the numbskulls at the city circus had enough sense to reconsider. I wouldn’t recommend any family to move to El Paso with public policy boards that have cons. Unbelievable !

    Martin, perhaps you find a way to give the list maximum publicity.

  7. How about start an online petition on change.or where the constituents ask those in office for 2 things at the very least. 1st that Jaime Abeytia be banned from any doing with the municipal, state or school entities. 2nd that we ask for his extradition to Arizona

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