Yesterday I shared with you how Vince Perez is trying to deflect attention away from the crux of the problem by the county in regards to how the county processes arrestees. There was one statement made by a politician that needs special interest. It is a statement made by Carlos Leon regarding the report.

The statement attributed to Carlos Leon and documented by Aileen B. Flores is one of the most hypocritical statements I have ever read in my life. According to Flores, Carlos Leon “was surprised at the findings of the study.” Flores further quotes Leon as stating “It really contradicts everything that I understood for many years that our rates were low (compared to) the rest of Texas. This is an eye-opener.”

Wow, Carlos Leon is “surprised”!

As you already know, the Council of State Governments Justice Center’s report pointed out that the county did not properly document 25% of those arrested during the study’s period. The report also pointed out that almost half of those released on personal recognizance bonds are being rearrested within two years.

The obvious issue with the report is that it exposes the safest city lie that the city has been peddling for a number of years.

However, in regards to Carlos Leon, his “surprise” of the results is beyond hypocritical.

Consider that not only has Leon been intimately involved in the safest city lie, as police chief, but he has also been accused of protecting someone within the police department that was accused of collaborating with Mexican drug cartels. Carlos Leon was even reprimanded for falsely altering a government document.

Individuals alter government documents in attempts to cover up criminal activity. Individuals refuse to investigate credible corruption charges by deflecting attention away from the allegation and pointing it back towards the alleged activities of the whistleblower.

It has been amply documented that Carlos Leon participated in both types of the above examples and presided over a police department that has had many numerous instances of abuse documented as well not investigating a single case of public corruption that was finally identified by the FBI. Oh, not and do not forget that Carlos Leon worked as the security chief for the one individual that brought the attention of the FBI to El Paso’s numerous corruption cases: – Bob Jones.

So excuse me for being utterly disgusted with Carlos Leon’s “surprise” at the results of the report.

I can’t help but wonder if his “surprise” has more to do with the exposing the lies he has protected over the years or his cover ups at the El Paso Police Department by his inaction and refusal to investigate reports of cartel infiltration.

It is because of individuals like Carlos Leon that El Paso will never become the city it strives to be.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Carlos Leon Is Surprised”

  1. Before we heap dirt on Leon, save some for the rest of the city and county.

    I am not surprised that he is saying he’s surprised. That’s the typical response in the area when caught. All of them exclaim angry, shock and for good measure faint on the spot for the cameras. Ay ! cabron ! Then revived, start the finger pointing.

    The FBI has it made in El Paso they just wait for the election season when the politicos charge and counter charge the opponents with claims of illegal activity. Everything is on record and all they need is one stoolie for court. That’s when the FBI door becomes jammed with two or three of them trying to get in at the same time.

    They all knew the title was a falsehood and counted on no one fact checking because they wanted the public to believe. Kinda of like looking at a dying person and telling them everything is ok. The people are so demoralized that they jumped up and down with joy. The city is in such a mess that they will use any falsehood to convince us “it’s all good”. Notice after the lie was exposed suddenly El Paso was awarded new titles. Wasn’t it during the last administration that it was revealed that a New York PR firm was on a retainer to find and secure titles for the city. Remember we even had the worlds best Mayor. Really? How would the world know Cook unless there was some lobbying. How did the city suddenly become debt free and have a surplus of money? Approximately two weeks ago, we were close to a billion in debt. If we are debt free why doesn’t El Paso have a Triple A status. Why raise taxes instead of refunds? That means the stadium is paid off ? All pending projects in the works are paid off? No more borrowing or certificates of obligation are necessary? Why arent we announcing to the world El Paso is so good that we are debt free and have surplus money? Maybe we should rescue Greece.

    Ive had it with the bs, on my way to the bar. We can sit around the table telling whoppers. Did you hear that the World Bank is moving here ? My story is better, city council is developing additional housing and buildings to accommodate the onslaught of newcomers. Oh yeah, I got it from an inside source that the Plaza will be completed by next week !

    Gonzalez puts Trump to shame when it comes to financing if he wiped out the debt and had cash left in 2 weeks. If he’s that good maybe he should move to New York Wall Street or run for President.

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