While the El Paso city council is discussing where to build the $180 million arena, soon after the city taxpayers spent over $60 million in a baseball stadium under the erroneous belief that spending money will make El Paso better, the city of Cd. Juárez is getting a new semi-professional soccer team. What makes the new soccer team even more of a bitter pill to swallow for the El Paso taxpayers is that part of the ownership of the new Juárez soccer team also owns the El Paso baseball team.

El Paso taxpayers were hoodwinked into spending more than $60 million to build a baseball stadium and the taxpayers are now looking at spending another $180 million on an arena. That is almost a quarter of billion dollars.

El Paso is on the road to spending a quarter of billion dollars to bring sports to the city. I, like others, believe that the El Paso taxpayers were duped into spending the money by the team owners of the El Paso Chihuahuas.

In contrast, the same ownership group (the horde); collaborated up with some Juárez well to do residents and are bringing a semi-professional soccer team to Cd. Juárez.

Guess how much the Cd. Juárez taxpayers are being conned out of by the same owners of the El Paso Chihuahuas?

That would be zero, as in zilch as in nada.

That is right; the Cd. Juárez taxpayers are not spending any of their money to bring the soccer team to their town.

I point this out because some of you like to make fun of Mexicans, fronterizos, residents of Juárez or a combination of all of them. Ann Coulter recently opined publicly that the Mexican culture is “deficient.”

So I have to ask, who are the real dummies?

The Juárez taxpayers, who are getting a semi-professional soccer team by the same owners of the El Paso Chihuahuas, or the El Paso taxpayers who built a stadium for the same ownership group just so that they can pay to eat hotdogs and watch a baseball game?

Since I fully expect some of you to misdirect the facts with unrelated issues of Juárez visitors to El Paso let me make it crystal clear for you.

El Pasoans paid over $60 million for the privilege of buying tickets to see a baseball game and eat hotdogs.

The Juárez taxpayers just pay to eat antojitos and to rent a seat to watch a semi-professional soccer game. They are not building a stadium for the team owners!

Obviously, the El Paso taxpayers are the ones that were hoodwinked into subsidizing the well healed of the community under the guise of being given the privilege to pay to watch a baseball game.

That, in my book, makes the El Paso taxpayers the real dummies.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “Who are the Real Dummies, Juarez or El Paso Taxpayers?”

  1. LOL, have to agree. El Paso is and still being taken for a ride.

    I am totally amazed of the total disregard of the city debt and they just keep piling it on. Isn’t anyone looking at the budget ?

    Remember El Paso is miles from any major cities, so there is no logic to the idea that all these sports are going to bring tourists, sports fans or new residents.

    Juarez must have a better city council . Think they would consider assuming responsibility for El Paso just like our council develops policy based on Juarez’s needs. Btw, wonder how long before we start hearing about interfering in Haderra, Israel affairs. Remember “sister city” mantra?

  2. That’s a GREAT article. It’s called American greed! The sad part to this ….. you inform them of the facts and they still don’t get it!

  3. Interesting that you neglect to mention the politicians in power in ELP, their progressive agenda and most importantly the people that elect them. Those in office are elected and re-elected by democratic voters who have never pulled a lever other than the one labeled “democratic party”. That gives the ELP politicians the liberty and green light proceed with their agenda, ignore prudence, and do as they please and totally ignore ELP citizens.
    The only dummies in ELP are those who repeat history at the polls every time they vote then complain about the direction of ELP.
    Not all El Pasoans are dummies. It’s that “our” voices are shut down because we happen to be Republican. Republicans with good ideas I might add. Don’t be fooled by the words “non-partisan elections. It’s all party politics in ELP.

  4. I agree with a lot of this article. El Paso has a political class that is destroying the taxpayer. However, I feel that Mr. Paredes, in his need to defend Mexican culture comes off as more than a little naive.

    Mexican politicians both regionally and beyond have projects that they benefit directly from. “Teto” Murgia, lived in El Paso while mayor of Juarez, had projects in juarez that he and his brother, a contractor, benefited from. The current president, Pena Nieto, lives in luxury. The home, a bribe from a contract firm. Anyone remember Salinas de Gortari?! Even the De La Vega’s, who are alluded to in this post, accumulated their wealth from special privileges available to them as a result of the Mexican socio-political environment.

    In an older post, Mr . Paredes points to the culture of the Catholic Church in El Paso and the cover ups. Well, there is no mention of the Mexican government and the murders that it was responsible for in it’s persecution of Catholics. Guess why we had so many Mexican clerics and faithful in El Paso? They were given a safe haven here in El Paso.

  5. Mexico is such a great place that 50% of it would leave and come here if they could. Millions have, too, just waiting for BHO to make them all legal. Then they will have the Democrat super-majority to make America like Mexico with the added bonus of a permanent welfare check.

    Martin just doesn’t get it that the average Mexican is not like him. There would be no such problem if they were.

  6. Quick correction: The soccer team coming to Ciudad Juarez is not semi-professional, but fully professional. It will play in the second tier soccer league in Mexico with a chance to play in the top league if they are champions and earn their promotion.

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