Michiel R. Noe (incumbent)
Campaign Treasurer: Ronald Pate
Website: none
Email: none
Telephone: +1 915 591 4444
Age: 53
Occupation: Physician, incumbent

Candidate Informational Narrative:
Michiel Noe is the incumbent for District 5. He is a practicing physician in obstetrics and gynecology. Earlier this year, in February, Michiel Noe put on the city council agenda an item asking for the appointment of Jaime Abeytia to the cultural center sub-committee. Noe deleted the item without comment during the consent agenda-reading portion of the meeting. During the controversy of Jane Shang’s paid leave from the city last year, Michiel Noe, who told the news media that he had “a million questions” about city hall golden parachutes, posted an item on the city council agenda “to discuss recent contract changes” to employee contracts after the departure of Joyce Wilson in July also deleted the item without comment.

Of the two candidate in this race, Michiel Noe, the incumbent, raised the most in campaign contributions. He outraised Cabrera about three-to-one.

By the Numbers:
Total money raised $10,650.00
Total expenses: $11,205.96
Largest contributor: $2,000 from Stanley P. Jobe
Total contributors: 19
Average contribution: $560.53

Martin Paredes

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