As you know there is an election scheduled for May 2015. There are three city representative seats in contention as well as several school district seats. Because of the various controversies and the possible change in the makeup of the power base at the city, I expect the various races to get contentious. This is especially true of District 1, where there will likely be a runoff. As for the school districts, I am planning to focus on the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) as it will be transitioning from a state appointed board to an elected one as a result of public corruption at the school district. Although the other school district races are important, the limits on my time forces me to choose which races I will follow.

Because of the importance of information in a Democracy, I am introducing a Twitter handle for disseminating election information. The handle is @elpasovotes and I encourage you to follow it for the latest updates. Any candidates or supporters who want to get information about the candidates out can simply Tweet the information to @elpasovotes on Twitter and it will be posted.

As usual, the useful idiots will be working for their masters this election cycle. Because of that, I am going to try something new. As I see a blog post from a useful idiot published, I will bring it to your attention. As you might remember, I came up with logos for each of the useful idiots. What I plan on doing is illustrating the blog post with the logo of the useful idiot and adding either a “+” sign for a post supporting a specific candidate or a “-“ for a post attacking a candidate. I will also use the “=” for a post that is neutral in nature.

As you know, it has been my contention that Bob Moore, at the El Paso Times, is one of the useful idiots for the people controlling the public policy agenda driving El Paso towards ruin. However, I realize that not all of the news reporters follow Bob Moore’s directions as to how to report the news. That does not mean that I do not believe that Bob Moore does not manipulate the public perception of an article by interfering with how it is reported, whether it is reported at all, or how the title of the report is worded when it is published.

Therefore, when I comment on an El Paso Times report, I am focusing on how the public perception is being manipulated through various means. You will see the El Paso Slimes logo when I refer to what I believe is Bob Moore’s attempt to distort the political information.

As I compile the various useful idiot posts, I will track them through an infographic. I believe that the dots will connect leading to the conclusive unmasking of how the various useful idiots work for their masters.

Finally, if you want to blog about the politics do not forget my Newsies, site where you can create your own blog on any topic you like. Just go to:

Here is a list of the candidates running for office (alphabetical order):

El Paso City Council

District 1:
Richard C. Bonart
Bertha A. Gallardo
Manuel J. Hinojosa
Daniel Lopez
Peter Svarzbein
Albert Weisenberger

District 5:
Rose Maria Cabrera
Michiel R. Noe*

District 6:
Claudia Ordaz*
Michael Pickett

District 8:
Joshua Dagda
Cortney Carlisle Niland*

School Districts

EPISD District 2
Luis Humberto De La Cruz
Maria Mayela Sanchez Serrano
Al Velarde

EPISD District 6
Trent Hatch
Timothy Martin
Al Patiño

EPISD District 7
Dori Fenenbock
Diane M. Flores
Mike Izquierdo
Andres Muro

Socorro ISD District 1
Hector Gonzalez

Socorro ISD At-large (two open seats)
Antonio “Tony” Ayub
Frank Del Toro
Kenneth Gezelius
Michael Najera*

Ysleta ISD District 2
Mary Perales
Connie Woodruff*

Ysleta ISD District 4
Deby Lewis*
Mike Rosales

Ysleta ISD District 6
Javier Camacho
Sotero Ramirez III
Luis Sarellano


In the coming days, I will begin to share with you more information about each of the candidates. As always, please feel free to send my any information you have on any of the candidates.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “City Council and El Paso Independent School District Election 2015”

  1. Good luck. You know the EPT in on the block but a change in ownership is no guarantee that spelling and grammar will improve, much less journalism.

  2. So you are now going to be focussing your blog on blogging about other bloggers who you claim are run by a secret group of masters that control the entire world?

    And here I thought you were out of good ideas! I can’t wait to read!

    Bravo, Martin… Bravo.

    Ps. They are having a sale on tin foil over at Costco this week and they now accept Visa.

  3. Most of the incumbents & candidates are more or less allied to others on the council, & the various boards. I hope you indicate these alliances, & don’t pretend these people are atomized individuals.

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