It is appropriate that the day I post a call for political bloggers – news of Brian Williams lying for many years is all over the airwaves. Williams is not the first news liar, Dan Rather also admitted to lying about the news in order to control how you view domestic and international issues. There are many others. Some have been caught and others are yet to be caught. I have been documenting for many years now how Bob Moore controls what you read for whomever happens to be his master of the year. I expect as much from this voting cycle. In other words, the news is about controlling your behavior rather than informing you, you have just been scammed into thinking it was about informing you.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the news media is driven by liars. It has never been about informing the community but rather about delivering the news; filtered and pre-digested to keep you in line. The notion that news is about informing you so that you can make the appropriate decisions has been perpetuated by the same industry that delivers the lies to you each day.

What better way to keep the citizenry in control then to make them think the news media works for them rather than for the government. The news media today loves to decry how the Internet has been destroying the industry.

However, I believe it has not been destroying the industry but rather it has been exposing the long-running fraud that it has been perpetuating upon you. It was the Internet; in this case, it was social media that finally forced Williams to come clean with you. It did the same to Dan Rather. It exposes the lies.

It is citizen reporters, everyday Internet users that see and hear the news everyday that is what the future of the news industry is. Only citizen reporters can deliver the raw, unfiltered and unvarnished truth that is the news. It is this type of news that you should base your plan on, not the filtered pre-packaged sound bites dished out to you in order to keep you in line.

Crowd sourcing has fundamentally changed the encyclopedia and is changing the medical professional giving us access to information we need. Isn’t it time that crowd-sourced news takes the lead on how we get the news?

All it takes is a willingness to share what you see and hear every day. Whether it is the written word, a video or a podcast, don’t you want to be part of the solution rather than continue being a part of the fraud?

Do you have what it takes to be a citizen reporter? If you are, sign up to be a citizen reporter on Newsies. Click here to start reporting the news today.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Brian Williams: The Rise of the Citizen Reporter”

  1. It’s no longer about reporting news, but opinions and shows to appeal to a particular audience. We have entertainers/comedians that pretend to be reporters, yet the general public actually accepts the show as the gospel.

    Let’s not forget Hillary and her wild story of landing while taking fire and running for cover. Why do these people tell such whoppers? Most likely because it gives them more appeal and because the average person doesn’t check or will ever know the truth. You’ll find famous people that will appear as very likable and approachable while on camera. Turn the camera off and whoa, what a change!

    There was no fog of war, he and Hillary wanted attention and to be viewed as having courage. The strange thing is that all these stolen valor celebrities are the very ones that preach anti-war rhetoric. How ironic is that ?

  2. About as ironic as the chickenhawks who never served beating the war drum. In response the the comment posted by stolen valor.

    The only citizen journalist that I saw on the El Paso scene was a former blogger who unlike all the rest of the current bunch of bloggers wasn’t a political operative supportive of any of the factions in town. All the rest are poltical operatives. Sad state of affairs in El Paso and the corruption will continue because even citizen journalists are hamstrung by their own political masters and therefore cannot tell the whole truth.

  3. Military never was nor should it be a consideration for public service. Looks good on the resume, that’s it.

    We are all better at some skill than others. A public official could be “born” to be a great public servant. The fact that an official makes the call to send others into harm’s way is not a sign of being chicken. It takes courage to make a decision like that. If the policy maker is right, he is a hero if he’s not then he carries that decision forever. I’d rather have a music writer instead of a drummer making the necessary choices.

    Corruption in El Paso exists, not because of the media. Although the media does play a part. The voter is the major enabler. Those that don’t vote, the uninformed and those that follow the party line. When the media sees that voters care and are watching then the media will change.

    These days all you need is good looks and ability to read and voila. There are very few journalists that have the courage and values to tell the truth at any cost. Even losing the job. We don’t have reporters, we have entertainers and in some cases proganda machines. But until, the voters change, the media will continue status quo.

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