As an immigrant I have learned that there are three things that define the United States: the red, white and blue, apple pie and the Super Bowl. Two of those are central to today’s events, and possibly in some households, apple pie, the third item on my list. Because of that, today I’m posting a special and rare edition of the El Paso News blog. The topic so poignantly exposes the direction the public policy agenda that was shoved down the collective throats of the El Paso taxpayers is going. As an added bonus it exposes how the useful idiots collectively and in unison work at the direction of their boss; Woody Hunt.

As you know, the El Paso overlord has dictated that the United States flag’s colors are not appropriate for your neighborhood. Hunt’s company has directed the Canutillo school district to paint over the red, white and blue with brown on the school under construction. Instead, of allowing the school to shine in the red, white and blue, Woody Hunt’s company is offering to give the school district $10,000 to build a flag pole for the school. That’s like me offering you a penny for each nice comment you write about me on my blog!

The point and only point that matters here is that Woody Hunt has allowed his company to tell you that the red, white and blue flag motif for the school is inappropriate for El Paso.

Everything else is nothing more than a smoke screen. Obviously, Hunt cannot allow that truth to be discussed in the community so he dispatched his cadre of useful idiots to distract from the only truth that matters – the red, white and blue has been deemed by your overlord to be inappropriate for El Paso.

This issue poignantly exposes for you the reality of today’s El Paso under the oversight of Woody Hunt, his cadre of useful idiots and an unengaged electorate. Let me enumerate them for you.

The first is that the red, white and blue has been deemed inappropriate by one individual; Woody Hunt. To be extra clear, it isn’t a Chicano, a Mexican, an unauthorized immigrant or some religion telling you the red, white and blue is inappropriate. It is Woody Hunt, through his company.

The second thing to notice is how the cadre of useful idiots immediately and in a coordinated fashion launched an attempted offensive to distract you from the truth of Hunt’s direct involvement with this fiasco. No sooner had I posted my commentary connecting the dots for you, all of them leading directly to Hunt, did the useful idiots launch their rants to distract you. When was the last time you saw three bloggers all come out in unison from the same angle on one topic? Oh, that is right, every time Woody Hunt yells “jump” and they collectively respond; “how high!”

The third and final thing you should notice from this example is how disinformation and distraction are used for the current public policy agenda at play. The issue is that the building cannot be painted red, white and blue because Hunt has said so. The El Paso Times, pretending to be a newspaper, has reported on this issue only once, so far. The wannabe newspaper reported to you that Hunt has offered an alternative solution with the flag pole completely ignoring the fact that they have deemed the colors inappropriate for El Paso.

The token $10,000 flag pole is the distraction to pacify you into silence.

The hope is that the flag pole will hide the inconvenient truth – which is that the overload has deemed that the red, white and blue as inappropriate for El Paso and that the flag pole will make you all go away quietly into the night.

After all of this, some of you still believe that I am completely wrong when I point out that the public policy agenda at play is building an utopia for the horde that effectively gentrificates the poor and the wretched out of the city, which coincidently or maybe not so much, includes the brown people.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin,

    When you find yourself in a hole – stop digging. The facts are not on your side.

    I’m glad your benefactor has begun paying you again.

  2. And true to form Useful idiot #1 dons his industrial strength knee pads. Gotta defend the source that butters his wonder bread.

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