As you all know by now, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted on two felony counts on abuse of authority and coercion of a public official. Perry was booked on the charges last Tuesday. While the left celebrates the charges, the right complains about abuse of the legal system. Lost in all of the rhetoric is the simple fact that politics have bastardized the legal system for political expediency.

Many of my friends in the legal professional continually get upset with me when I point out how the US legal system is not much better than other systems. They like to argue that it is better than most. Although that might be so, this belief that the legal system is the best has led to the mistaken notion that the United States legal system is fair and honest. Unlike most other countries, US citizens are brought up with the mistaken belief that they should trust the legal system to protect their rights and freedom. This is a dangerous thing because the lack of questioning the system allows abuse to manifest itself through society eroding assumed rights and liberties.

Step outside of the rose-colored prism of the best system in the world for a moment and analyze what is happening. Perry has been indicted on two felony counts. The liberal left would have you believe that the indictment demonstrates yet another Republican abuse of power where the “mean Republican” is getting their just reward. About time, they gleefully proclaim oblivious to the circus they are celebrating.

If, in fact, the charges against Rick Perry are serious charges that need to be judged by the judiciary and punishment delivered, if the charges are found to have merit, then why is it that Rick Perry wasn’t arrested, handcuffed and taken to the police station like almost every other Texas resident would have been had they been charged with two felony counts. Why was Rick Perry given the opportunity to avoid the perp walk down to the jail?

Could it be that everyone knows this is nothing more than political gamesmanship being played out for the news media.

Likewise, the right is foaming at the mouth about how abusive the indictments are for the Texas governor. The right cries about how abusive it is to indict Perry on two felony counts while posturing for Republican ideals on nation television.

Even Perry’s own mugshot shows how much of a joke this whole thing is.

Lost in this political game between the right and the left is the realities that the US judicial system is ripe for abuse. Lost in the rhetoric between both isles of the political spectrum is how utterly political the judiciary is. How it is no longer the third-leg in the balance of power supposedly guaranteeing the freedoms US citizens think they have.

Now consider this joke in relation to several important issues in El Paso. It is the judiciary that instead of protecting the right of the citizenry to demand access to public records that government officials refuse to release, it has instead, said you can’t have those records after all.

For many years several individuals have pointed out how the DIMS program in El Paso is a violation of the notion of due process and the balance of powers and yet the same judiciary that allows itself to be used for political purposes has ruled that DIMS is ok for the average person.

Those that are wondering why the Ferguson community is in such chaos should hopefully realize that the chaos is enabled by the loss of trust in the governance system that supposedly maintains the peace. When people lose the trust that their freedoms are protected is when they resort to violence to regain control of their rights. Realizing this is true then the rioting in Ferguson should make more sense to everyone.

Many legal pundits universally agree that the indictment was one thing; as everyone knows that even a ham sandwich can be indicted. However, they also agree that actually getting a jury to convict is nearly impossible. Any other words, the indictment was never about justice it is about politics.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. The Perry indictment is so 3rd world political theater. Peppers hopes it backfires on the Dems as it should. In the meantime, Perry can get ‘pented and be a televangelist, what he really wants in life:)

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